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Yo! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update:

I got the forks rebuilt and polished up, new neck bearings, new tires, new exhaust gasket, brakes sorted and working well. This dirty bird was ready to finally go on her maiden voyage!

Kicked her over, got her putting along, pulled the clutch in and clicked into first gear and WHAM!

the clutch is stuck.

At any rate, as soon as I get the brakes sorted on my chopper, I'll be getting back into this bike because I can't wait to ride it.


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Is it normal when your clutch comes out as one glued together lump?


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I had one apart recently. Hard to tell from the pics but it looks like it might be fiber (not cork) friction pads. My 78 XS400 came with a clutch with fiber pads. I just got it last fall. From what I can tell the bike sat for about 6 years before I got it. The clutch cable was loose when I got it so the PO thought the cable was broke. The pads in the clutch rusted and stuck the steel plates and about 1/3 of them delaminated and from the friction plates and got everywhere in the engine case. The loose pieces stacked up in the clutch and caused the cable to go way out of adjustment. It took a while to figure out but in the end I replace the friction plates (cork pads) and re-used the steel plates after scrubbing off the rust with 600 sandpaper and it works fine now.

Good luck with yours!


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Yeah, I do think that this is fiber friction pads. I was able to break them loose and clean up the steels and I think it's going to be ok. It's a bummer that the oil filter cap broke.


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If I remember right that particular bolt is know for being over torqued and stripping out the case. So I would say a broken bolt and cover is a better option.


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@brodie - I totally agree. I'd much rather spend $30 on a new cover than chase threads in the case

Plus, I got a chance to snag a Peace sign Motolanna cover that'll make this bike even uglier


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Why didn't anyone tell me that an sr500 clutch cover doubles as a waffle iron?


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Welp, I have a new mukuni 38mm on order. The old one had some funky bits on it and I thought it best to bite the bullet and start fresh. While I await the postman, I figured I'd mull over a re-style. I picked up this TT500 tank and a $30 Amazon seat - and it has me captivated. The Tracy body is rad but it's also heavy and cumbersome. _and ugly_

What do you dudes think? Tracy body or tt500 tank?


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I think that's the ticket. I wouldn't run this actual seat, I'd make my own. This is a $30 Amazon job.

Does anyone have any experience fitting a tt tank to an SR? It looks tougher than I thought - I'll have to relocate the coil, cut off some existing tabs and oil cooler and weld on new tabs. I thought it'd be cake. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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Looks like every other instagram cafebrattracker with the TT tank and flat seat. Meh.

The Tracy body may be big and ugly but at least it's got character.

My vote's with the Tracy.


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That's a no bainer for me. TT tank is nice enough but it just looks like any other off road to street brat scrambler mix up. The Tracy body is never going to be light or current, but it's pretty much unique now and therefore interesting.

To me, it's got to stay as a period piece. Put another way, do you want people to notice it and talk about it? If so go Tracy. There's a whole story there to dine off for years. TT tank - not so much.

That's just my opinion. YMMV.

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