SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again


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Hi there!

just started my second X750 build . decided to go slightly different route this time. Saying with the USD front and the an NTV SSSA though.

this is how far i am for now:

making some reversed cones as well:

Another one.......YOU FREAK!!!!

The first one was crazy!! Will be watchin for sure, keep the pics comin. How about a little less "blingy' this time?? Maybe some flat colors and brushed aluminum look?? Just a thought. Anyway, have fun and keep the updates comin. 8)
Yeah! :D I had to start another one as i have sold Cyclop. It went over to UK couple of months ago.
The new bike gonna have to be nice to keep me happy after the loss :D

ill rather calm down a little this time though :D. less gold-ish ad more black\grey here and there

how u been ctluba! mate! ? bytheway
I have been well. Got some updates on the way for the harley. Gonna build a raw steel front fender to match the tank and rear fender. Also got rid of the stock air cleaner for a smaller unit that is on the way. Gonna show more of that v-twin motor!!!

Keep the wheels spinnin!! 8)
hey. just a quick photoupdate

wellded it up for good. made a subframe. going to work on the seat pan, tail section and the rear shock mount now.

the exhaust need to be done next as well.

Had a go on the tail yesterday. First time alluminum shaping and welding.

Not sure about it yet..

took it to the ground level today. prety happy with the size of the bike :D

then placed it on the smalle table for easier access.
been thinking what way to go for the cones. both under the tail are rather common so maybe ill try a different approach. what you thik gus?

Been working on the exhaust system yesterday. So far so good.


just a short update on what i have done today,
unfortunatelly it happened taht the shaft doesnt fit in the swingarm. I measured it wrong somehow. I have changed the wheelbase for around half of an inch compared to my previous xv and its tight.
i had to grind the swinger a bit and then i welded some pieces in to keep it strong enough. it all should be fine now :D



going to grind it smooth.

hey! been a while...
ive done some bits and pieces on the bike. I am giving myself another 4 weeks to finish it.

hers is a short vid how it is up today:
Re: SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

Slowly moving forward.
Handmade stainless steel sets.


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