SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

Getting there on details.


Still quite a bit to get to the proper mirror shine though.

I've been working on colours today. Clear coated some parts.
Some red accents added as well. Won't be visible too much unless u look for it under the tank, inside of the lamp and under the fender...

That's it for now.
Needs wires, brake lines and oil plus filters. And the exhaust system isn't on yet but it's ready 98%.
Pretty much done otherwise.



Unfortunately I will have no time to do anything till next week..

Looks awesome, it does sit very low though, will there be any issues with clearance?
Thanks. Not a big issue. I had pretty similar clearance before and it was fine. It is around 3" off the ground.
Sweet, sounds like you got it all worked out! I love the custom work done on this thing.
Re: SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

Thanks a lot!
Just figured out the wiring on it 3mins ago so I'll start it tomorrow

Re: SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

XVRacer said:
Have considered making rearsets for the XV, TR1 community?
Never thought about it really. But why not.
Do you like it?
Re: SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

spyra78 said:
Never thought about it really. But why not.
Do you like it?
Yes, possibly. There's a few tweeks I would need, like maintaining the overall OEM spacing/size and the ability to mount passenger pegs.
Have you rode the bike at highway speed yet?

What if the rear tire grows enough to fill the minute space you left between it and the plate bracket? Contact at speed could make some sudden and extreme damage or injury.



Boy, she sure is low, and there isnt even a rider on it in the pics. What happens when you hit a significant wave in the road at speed? How about a low spot in a corner, where the bike is already squatting due to g forces? A sudden belly impact would likely be game over.

If the bike stays at the percieved ride height in the pics, it won't be safe at all to push it very hard. Sorry but it's blatantly obvious to anyone who rides hard.

Not criticizing, you do excellent fabrication work, but the chassis engineering looks a bit dangerous in the pics. It looks from here like you could damn near use the engine as a kickstand. Things are not always as they appear, so I am asking.
Re: SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

It is low. Yes. But I previously had virago that low and had no problems riding it. The rear tire doesn't go that much to make contact with the bracket.
So far no ground contact on this one.
But :
Well... shit happens.

Crankshaft, conrods and plain bearings went.
So I bought another set plus changed the main bearing, oil pump chain, all the bolts and nuts replaced or zinc plated. Bought new clips and spring for the starter.
Fixed it back together, dialed in and started. First try :)

So I hope to be on the road in days.
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