Step aside Moto Guzzi...........Yamaha SR250 coming through :-)

something to sit on next.....

Bought some medium frim crumb foam and got the seat base ready for the adhesive. Then set about shaping the seat to a rough size. Its a messy job and the dust gets everywhere !

petrol tank next....
The tank is a repo Honda CG125 from ebay. Not too bad quality wise, few rough edges which will be cleaned up prior to paint, but I hated the filler cap and wanted to fit a Yamaha logo time to graft a Yamaha cap onto a Honda tank.

Had to make a up a filler neck, so luckily I have a pattern off my XS650 custom tank from a few years back to copy from.

...then trying to weld it on with minimising the distortion......tougher than it looks but it ended up flat and horizontal. Slight bit of distortion but nothing a hammer could not sort or my painter couldn't handle

IMG_20220206_165106462_HDR.jpgIMG_20220206_174944216.jpgIMG_20220206_175103117_HDR.jpgIMG_20220206_175139102_HDR.jpg get a different perspective from the bike when its high up on the build table. So I was sitting there one day having a coffee and realised how messy it looked underneath. I always look closely on other bikes when Im at gives a good idea on the quality of the build and attention to detail in my opinion.
So I decided to make a cover for the bottom of the battery box. This lead to a side project from my old rusty swaging machine which I had to clean up. Used the excuse to make a set of flanging/joggling dies out of a rusty bit of scrap id kept from 20 years ago :D

Good excuse to have a play with it..

IMG_20220212_180040844.jpgIMG_20220212_180139385.jpgIMG_20220211_171506199.jpgIMG_20220211_171511839_HDR.jpgIMG_20220212_152835053.jpgIMG_20220212_155215048_HDR.jpgIMG_20220212_155421504.jpgIMG_20220212_160422255.jpg back to the cover plate....the following weekend :D

Some aluminium, some cutting, folding and swaging.......and a cover which nobody will see :)
decided to drag it outside and throw a few bits on just to keep whole build into perspective. I find you begin to lose sight of the overall finished bike when you work on smaller bits so its easy to get distracted from what you are trying to achieve. I've changed a few bits of the bike since these pictures were taken as I didn't like the way a few things looked from a distance. All part of the custom building adventure.......if your not happy, then do it again, then again.......and sometimes again !

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