Sumotrack rebuild

Nice. It’s those details that makes bikes good to ride
Definitely. A lot of return springs are above the brake pedal, and on the XS there isn't much room there. So I've been thinking about it for a while, and the other day I saw a picture of a spring under the pedal. That got me to look at other options which worked out perfect.
Modified the battery area to hold a slightly larger battery. Going to switch to an earthx etx18b. More cranking amps with more capacity. It should help with the weak starter the XS has.
The microsquirt was not playing well with carbs, and it'll be a little while before I go back to EFI. So I used some amazon pertronix clones for a bosch 009 distributor and modified a stock points plate. Have it adjusted for 13* advance at idle. I need to finish making a piece to hold the coils on the front end. But it started on the kicker.
The engineering you put into this bike is impressive as hell man, Can't wait to see her all finished
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