Suzuki GN400 Scrambler/Cafe Hybrid

Hey Buddy! Sorry I've been A-wall for the last few months. I still would like to hit the mountains sometime. Hope all is well.
misteroddjob said:
Nope, unfortunately I've had some family-related things that have taken up most of my time for the last month.

Take your time, your project worth the waiting ;)
misteroddjob said:
Nope, unfortunately I've had some family-related things that have taken up most of my time for the last month.

Yes, do take your time. It's been months since I've touched my bike due to other project issues. No pressure. Once there's some free time and a NON-rainy weekend, we need to hit the mountains!
misteroddjob said:
I have a used Clarke tank available in red. The pics below link to hi-res photos of it in my Flickr account. PM me if you're interested.

I'll be wrapping the bike up in the next month. I haven't had the time to work on it since Memorial Day. The seat will be custom made, so unfortunately you won't be able to just buy one.

you wouldn't happen to still have this would you? i know its from along time ago, and the tanks probably long gone. Also im loving this build its given me a lot of good ideas for my build. the form of your bike is great, the frame fenders tank alone sit so well. cant wait to see her finished.
I just went through this thread front to back. Really nice work. I admire your craftsmanship, and your patience to see this through without rushing it.
misteroddjob said:
Thanks for the kind words.
Things are looking good that my schedule will open up in about a month and I should be able to finish by the end of summer.

Looks like we both took a little longer than expected! ::)

I would hope to have mine done by Vintage Days in July, but end of summer might be a better goal to shoot for.

Slow and steady my friend, slow and steady.
Greetings! I've acquired a GN400 in practically perfect condition (sweet gold mags and all) but I'm very interested in converting to 12v and ditching the battery. I've been following this thread with interest ever since I ran across it looking for Cafe builds.(Nice work... you appear to be as anal retentive as I! ;D)

Have you completed your 12v conversion yet? I've been looking at these Podtronics units (specifically the 1P HP unit) but I'm curious about your results with the Sparx unit also. (Adding a capacitor to the Podtronix units should be easy enough, though)

Based on your description of the GN stator, it's a two-phase unit? So the pink wire (usually connected to an AC regulator) and the blue/white wire (usually connected to a DC rectifier) go to the two yellow wires on the new rectifier? That seems simple enough... thank goodness it's not a positive ground system!

Finally, could you post a link to the Sparx unit? I can't find much on eBay...

Thanks for such a detailed build thread! Looking forward to seeing it done (as I'm sure you are!)

Wha? Where did all the posts go? There was a TON of great information here; now it's gone?

Did he move it to another thread or what?
Oddly enough, all the posts in this thread had been deleted (I would have to assume from the OP). No idea why, but it's a shame.

Mister Oddjob might have this build thread posted up on ADVRider? I'm not sure though.
Jeff, misteroddjob, is on a hiatus right now. Some of you might have met him at Barber this year, him and I rode there together. His build is on hold for the moment. Not sure if he'll be back.
Sounds pretty bad...... whatever the reasoning, I hope it all works out. Thank you for the update, sir.
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