Suzuki GN400 Scrambler/Cafe Hybrid

Cool the 5 reds, gear indicators? The others are obvious signals, high beam and neutral. Very slick.
misteroddjob said:
I started the build thread after I was far enough along that I was confident that it would be finished.

Yes, Yes...
If you click on my own build thread link, you'll see the many long months since I've been able to post anything new... namely because I have been counting on my "FRIEND" to do the majority of the build... Hmphh...
Thus I am on here looking at cool pics of other cool bikes that I can't ride....
Mate I love your work, this is gonna be awesome :D

I've got a thing for Zuks and scramblers... so your build is right up my alley...
misteroddjob said:
Thanks. Your thread is another one that I've followed before posting my own for obvious reasons.
But also because my first streetbike was a GS450T.
I also own a DR350 set up as an adventure bike.
So I have a thing for Zuks as well.

Nice one! I would've liked a T to scramble to be honest, much better tyre selection and wire wheels... but you can only work with what you have and T's are extremely rare over here.
misteroddjob said:
I started second guessing if it was even worthwhile to finish my build when I saw what people were doing with Savages

Thanks for chiming in; I'm glad you saw my build thread; Jay swears we'll be done in a month! I'm scratching my head.
I've seen that bike that you posted up; in fact there's a huge build thread all about it on the Savage Forum. Taht thing went through a hundred different versions before it got to be what you saw, and he has every bit of it documented. It's really quite amazing; a total frankenstein. I'd still like to try the Mono-shock on mine; maybe some day, but this year I just want to ride that damned thing! I found my Savage for just $250; so there's no reason you can't find one to work on when your scrambler is done...

You may have seen these, but here's that monster Savage build:

There's also another guy who started a Cool Savage Scrambler, but sadly had to abandon it. I think he sold it:

Mr.Job....I gotta say man, fantastic work all around! Timing and all.....I've been contemplating an 'Inappropriately Offroad' event for the Fall, basically taking any crapwagon bike you want, strip off all the garbage, spoon on some dirt tires and go thrash.
I fully anticipate seeing someone offroad a GL11100 (don't ask) but your bike is far more developed that what I'm proposing. My idea is more of a Ghettocross or Stupermoto type of thing...wish I'd coined those terms, makes me giggle every time I say it!

But anyway, lovely work I'll be following!
Well, a dirty version anyway. In fact the rule is no actual dirtbikes allowed.
All bikes will be welcome on the run but I plan to poke fun at anyone bringing a real dirtbike or dual sport. Crapwagons for the win!
Special is one way to put it!
Back when I was dirt biking every weekend (I'm now dating myself) there were still guys careening thru the underbrush on stripped down Triumphs and BSAs. Dad and I rode with this kat named Nandor (the Great!), this crazy Hungarian guy about 5'2" of insaninty. He rode a Norton Comando with and Earle's front end and Fox air shocks. It was the goofiest and to my 14 year old mind the most terrifying and inspiring bike I'd seen to date. If it weighed less that 500lb I'd be stunned. You could in all truth hear it 3 miles away....just bonkers.

I'm hoping for similar insanity.
Oh there will be video.....Oh yes.
Is that GN400 running a 6 volt system or a 12 volt system? If its 12 how did you convert it? And what kind of gas tank is that? That bike looks nice.
Thanks for the info Here is a pic of my Suzuki I am currently rebuilding the front forks. I am new to motorcycles so I dont know alot about them. I would like to switch to a bigger rim on the front. DO you what rim off of what bike would fit the front of my suzuki so that I could put a bigger tire on the front like maybe a 110/90-18 tire instead of the 90/90-18 thats on it now? Your bike looks awesome. I cant wait to see how it turns out. Mine is coming along slowly.


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OK Cool I hadnt thought about switching to spoked rims, I like my mag wheels. So your hoping to build a cafe racer correct? I would like to go cafe with my bike. Im wondering how that gas tank is going to look when evrything is done. I was thinking of a manx style gas tank, but they are so expensive. If your clarke tank looks good maybe I will go that way. It looks like a good tank I just dont know if its the look I want. I have been looking at so many different tanks and seats its hard to decide what to do. Building a bobber would be easier I think. I could just build a rat bike. I dont know what to do yet but Im getting some good ideas from your build. keep up the good work.


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I agree with what your saying about the bobber not being very practical for riding, thats why I would like to go cafe because I like to ride for long periods of time and the cafe style also suits my riding style. I do like that yamaha tank I think that maybe Ill check out e-bay and see if I cann find one of those.
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