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first off thanks tim.
So here is the deal ive done a few swing arm swaps, and im sick of random ebay grabs that dont work out so.... if we can collect specs (lenght,pivot,spread,bla bla) of different model arms a lot of the leg work and wasted money will go away. We all pull our bikes apart, grab a tape measure and share you finding.i have a few swingers, ill get the ball rolling
T500/gt500 suzuki
22inch long
7 5/8 rear axl spread
7 3/16 pivot
7 7/16 frame spread

14 mm pivot bolt and 0.890 sproket side (bushing). 0.704 brake side


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Ds7,r5,rd250,rd350, rd400, twin shock dt250

total lenght 18' + 1 1/2 inch for rd400 + 3 dt250
7 13/16 axl spread
7 9/16 pivot

All rds except the 400 run a 17mm axl but there is a 20mm bushing on the sproket side so the axl plates are different left to right the all the dt250 & 400 ive seen are 20mm on both sides

for all the above bikes the pivot bolt is 16mm as is the frame


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First off, awesome idea and thanks again for making the suggestion. I'd recommend we include the diameter of the pivot shaft, as while bushings and bearings in the swingarm can be modified, altering the frame mounts is beyond most of our capabilities.

Axle size would also be useful (diameter) as often the dropouts limit the size of the axle - not accepting say a 20mm axle in a a swingarm designed for a 17mm axle. Again not impossible to overcome, but good info nonetheless.
Im currently awating replys from quite a few sellers of different swingarms on ebay ( I'm not holding my breath) with a view to fitting to my cb900f,
I'll be able to tell you pivot tube width as thats all I've asked for as most modern arms are 20mm and my cb is 16mm.
So if you need that info i'll send it, maybe it can be added to at a later date.
Here are a bunch compiled from another site I am on by members. These are just the swingarm pivot widths though.

GT500 '76 185mm
SV650 K5 240mm
VFR400 192mm
RVR400 202mm
NS400R 205mm
XS650 190mm
FZR250 200mm
MC21 NSR250 205mm
GSF600 bandit 220mm
CB400F 205mm
MC18 NSR250 197mm
'86 FZ600 215mm (without spacers/covers)
RZ350 205mm
05 GSXR 1000 225mm
Z900/Z1000 235mm (frame width at pivot)
Z650/Z750 230mm (frame width at pivot)
LC RD350 200mm
YPVS RD350 205mm
Gen 1-3 ZX10R 257mm
XL600R 200mm
MV Agusta F4 255mm
VTR SUPERHAWK (all years) 165mm
CBR 954 RR (2002-2003) 180mm
CBR 929 (2000-2001) 180mm
VFR 800 (1998-2001) 165mm
RC51 SP2 (2002-?) 180mm
RC30 235mm
RC45 250mm

Single Sided Swingarms

Ducati 748/916/996/998 - 243mm
Honda VFR750 (1990-93) - 242mm
Honda VFR750 (1994-97) - 227mm
VFR400 - 192mm
RVR400 - 202mm
Hawk NT650 - 235mm
RC30 - 235mm
RC45 - 250mm
MV Agusta F4 - 255mm
I hate to throw another site into the mix but old skool performance has a ggod list of the newer stuff. Maybe it can be looked at for a guide line. We can probably cad something up to layout a, b, c's for certain measurement standards or references and members can just submit "a" measurements, "b" measurements and "c" measurements. That way each measurement should be clear to all readers.
I'm interested in the CBR600F1 width. Also an important number to consider is length from pivot to axle, and pivot to shock mount point. I swapped a 79 Sportster box swing arm to my 62 frame because it was a direct bolt on replacement for the cast round stock one. Once I had it on I realized it was 3" longer at the axle. So now I needed a new chain, longer shocks,etc. Or start modifying things to bring everything back into spec. So much for direct bolt on.
Feel free to measure what ever swing arm you got and update the less unrelated post there are the simpler this thread will be to use after there is needed info if there is a unlisted swing arm your working on grab a tape measure and a key board and do your part
The CB400f (75-77) is around 205 and the CBR600f1 (87-90) is around 222 wide at the pivot.
Only arm I have sitting around is off a GSXR 1000 01 model...and just a quick measurement shows its way off from my CB 350F....plus its just too big to look right...

Total length is 24"
axle spread is 10.5"
Pivot width is 1/32" shy of 9"
Read the posts you're responding to for the love of God
I'll update these #'s as I get more info, but here's what I know:

GS500 (1989-2012):
Pivot diameter: .510"
Pivot spread: 8.625"
Pivot to axle: about 21.25"
Axle spread:
Suzuki GS450 (1980 S model - later models and the L model may be different)

Pivot diameter:
Pivot spread: 8.25"
Pivot to axle: 18"
Axle spread:
Suzuki GR650 (steel swingarm)

Pivot diameter: .625"
Pivot spread: about 8.9375"
Pivot to axle: about 20.5"
Axle spread: 8.625"
Suzuki 1983 GS750ES (different than early 750 models for sure) - aluminum swingarm

Pivot diameter: .625"
Pivot spread: about 8.9375"
Pivot to axle: about 22"
Axle spread:
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