swing arm spec's

Hey guys. I am considering buying a 1982 GS 650 for about 100.00. My plan is to drop in a mid 70's CB 550-4 motor. GS motor is seized. I want chain drive, and basically, it is the complete bike. What swing-arm (single or double sided) will fit in this frame? I do not know the measurements of the frame.
GS650 E or G? You said you want chain drive, which implies to me that your Gs is shaft drive......

Either way, the GS650 motor works REALLY well with a GS650 frame and swingarm.....
Just a suggestion, maybe someone could post a diagram with the points of reference for measurement and terminology. I couldnt find one online.
The length overall is really not a valid number. More importantly the length from center of S/A pivot to axle center (set at middle adjustment) has implication as to the effective length for calculating suspension set ups. Also the style of chain adjuster does not come into play but the center of axle is a constant with regard to comparative S/A description. As an example, I also have a Suzuki T-500 the S/A is 19.75" effective length Center pivot to axle center middle adjustment. I replaced it with a 2008/12 Kawasaki 250 Ninja S/A that's 20.25" Center to Center. The pivot width is 8.25" and width at the axle is 8.875" I converted the Ninja S/A from mono-shock to twin shock to somewhat preserve the vintage look.
Cheers, 50gary
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