T500 build-----It's on the ROAD!!!


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Re: T500 build

tattoo said:
LOL....Good to know....I'll make sure I keep this one below 130mph..... :p
!30 is doable if you get it tuned for top end, but more fun with those stock pipes and timeless attitude the t500 has... I mean buzzing your nuts all day has to resemble Viagra for the youthful no ::)

Seriously tho... if your doing high speed runs on the little toker make sure you have good bearings in those wheels and the head stock, good bushes in the swinger, true hoops and balanced tars... some cycle doods don't take much time on alignment, a well aligned front and rear axle set makes a huge difference in squeezing that extra MPH out :eek:


No illusions of shooting for any speeds like that on the ol 'girl. Having enough fun on it at speed limits for now. Of course there's always the elusive draw to see if it will "do the you know what"....but all in due time.


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Mate the bike came up amazing. Your daughter has got some talent behind the lens too! Those last shots are really nice - made use of that light! Haha

Btw, care to share who did the paint on the tank? Looks stunning.

tattoo said:
This thing is so cool to ride!!!! Uncomfortable, buzzy, lousy brakes and suspension---in a word....perfect!
This was my favourite line in the build! ;D


Thanks sir!!

I've got some other shots of it too later from later on in the afternoon...will post them someday too.

The tank was done by a friend's daughter's boyfriend-----works out of a local automotive body shop and was thrilled to work on something other than a minivan. His name is Brandon Unsworth. The blue is a Dodge colour - Ceramic Blue. It was offered for 3 days only back in 2015 on Dodge Ram trucks. The matte black is just trying to line up with the matte black I used on the fenders, oil tank etc. And the white pinstripe is an "antique white". Thanks for the compliments on the paint---I'll make sure I pass that along to Brandon.

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tattoo said:
I've got some other shots of it too later from later on in the afternoon...will post them someday too.
Those photos might come in handy - your bike has been nominated for BOTM!


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