The Amalgam: honda past meets present, take 2! or 3?


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jag767 said:
Still a backbone, but reall cool design. I decided i am going to chop this frame up and start there. 3 reasons.

1. I was to use original gears lined up perfectly.

2. I want to fab a more aesthetically pleasing design.

3. I wanna put hard miles on this, so i want it overbuilt.

Something like one of Tony Foale’s backbones?

Or something more like Fritz Egli’s?

Would love to see the FEA of your designs.


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Jig is up, and frame is in. I hacked out more of the frame than i did originally, and made a solid plan, just waiting on metal now. Motor is moving up 1.5 inches, and will be better aligned. I have to say, with a jig, this is almost easy.

The plan is new downtubes (again) now that i hacked the steel bak to the neck, new bracing, i nixed the rear single downtube for two instead, and a new crossmember by the new bottom motor mount. I figure 20 to 30 hrs of work.

To be efficient, i have a couple of untitled damaged honda frames i will source some material from. They will give me some of the bends i need without having to fuck around too much.

Pics to follow.


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As long as you have steering head that matches the title, all is good. Right? ;-)

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