The Beginning Of "The Fish Bike"

thanks metal it's good to hear some feed back....hopefully this weirdly intriguing Fish is done by next month, Gonna be at it all next week
Gawd that thing's horrible. Reminds me of the kind of shit my sperm-donor used to build. The kind of "Because I can" thing, mixed up with "I thought of it while smoking ganja on the toilet" type of thing. It's all well and good for Halloween or some kinda parade or somethin' like that, or for matching up with a silly out-fit ... which is all well and good. My sperm-donor was always doing shit as some kinda "technology demonstrator" type of deal, just to muck around with stuff, usually whatever he could grab from the bin at work. Hopefully the junk bin. I think of all of the beautiful wooden sail-boats in the "wooden boat" magazines that sat next to the john, next to the bathroom ganja stash (a good size x-mas short-bread cookie tin full of bud in EVERY room in the house) and then I'd listen to him rap about the plexiglas and day-glo shit, all sorts of left over acrylic shit from the early (early-'80s) "light-pipe" manufacturing shit he dealt with ... being plastered all over the classic plywood 30 foot Trimeran ... which he kept in MY name for legal reasons of course.... You know that movie "My life as a house"? Where at the end, the house was for the young woman whom his father had crippled while fucked up and driving without insurance? Yeah, just a little bit close to home. Anyway, aside from all of his personality defects, aside from all of the child-support payments that NEVER got paid, or the fact that when he DID have a pre-teen/teen aged son for however brief a time he figured pornography alcohol and high-test weed ... and involving the kid in the actual cross-border smuggling of said weed, was the appropriate way of showing one's fatherly love, never mind the way he was an old school bike nut but didn't do dick all when I got a bike at age 16, it was the type of "creative" or ... "innovative" shit that he did with bicycles and motorcycles and sail-boats and hang-gliders and ... all of the other big-toys the fucking man-child spent his kids' support money on, of all of the obnoxious shit that just made me shake my head at the man, it was this creative fucking non-sense that annoyed me most of all.

How is any of this on topic, you might be wondering? Well, there's a theme here when you mention a fish in the context of two-wheeled transportation. And you'd only know what I'm talking about if you were well schooled in the feminist-philosophy that was a brewin' back in the early-mid '70s.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." -Irena Dunn.

Yeah, I know. It just sounds like she needed a good drilling, to remind her what a man was good for. But then, there WAS a whole materials technology revolution that took place in her life-time. Specifically, I'm thinking of plastics and synthetics, silicone rubber, etc. Hence, this was that period of time when we were made truly redundant.

Honestly though, I don't have a problem with elaborate aerodynamic ... or, for that matter, HYDRO-dynamic type of shit, on a motorcycle. I was just reading some stuff about a wing-ed motorcycle just the other day. Perhaps you've heard of it? The guy was some type of aerodynamacist who was doing his graduate thesis work at the same time as he was ape-shit about racing motorcycles at the top level of competition. I guess this was down in New Zealand, or Australia, Tazmania maybe ... down UNDER. But yeah, the thing sounds quite preposterous until you wrap your head around the reason why it was done and how it worked for that matter. Rather than just a wing on the body of the bike, especially the big one on the ass end of the bike, the aero-foils worked directly on the swing-arm and the fork sliders up front, hence directly on the axles, rather than compressing on the suspension as it would appear upon first glance. And the whole idea behind it was about creating greater down-force, for greater traction, for long sweeping fast corners, and I guess it allowed him to track a better line through those sweepers due to the greater traction afforded by that downforce. Kinda weird, but when you look at how successful a role was played by down-force, in the F1 auto racing of that era.... Hell, some of the weirdest ones I saw were the cars with the massive radiator type fans and grills in the ass end of the cars, which were there simply to evacuate the air from underneath the body, and produce a vaccum, wow. Or the polyethylene rails that moved up and down in slots from each front wheel to the back, to make as good a seal as possible without high-centering the whole car, they just coasted along on the pavement presumably leaving a polyethylene residue streak behind them as they went, a good inch and a half wide, the length of the wheel-base, and five or six inches tall, presumably because of the wear and tear that would take place. LOTS of utterly bizarre concepts which have come a long way in Formula One.

But as for the aero-bike, I guess the reason it was banned from competition, which would lead to a good deal of interest due to the question of whether they were banned because they gave too great of a competetive edge ha ha, but the REAL reason was that race organizers worried that somebody was gonna be impaled or decapitated on the things.

I guess THAT would be the reason why I think of it when I look at your fish-tail bike. Do you think it might be a better idea to use fibreglas or even plastic? I Know you were trying to figure out a way to use those sheet-metal scraps which you hammered out, but that steel looks like just about as dangerous a material as you could incorporate into this whole hare-brained idea. When I try and think of a safer material to make those killer fins from, of course fibre-glas comes to mind, but that still sounds like a gigantic weapon, only slightly different from a bending and brittleness perspective, and all the more difficult for the x-ray to find all the shrapnel of and remove from one's body effectively leaving all sorts of little hairy contaminants in the wound. In light of that, might I suggest that you use the metal bits as a mould master, beat some egg whites with some sugar ... and make the thing out of merenge.

Sorry about your dad blowing all the $$ on Hang gliders and whatnot SoyBoy....But def keep them wooden boat Mags around Tons of inspiration in there! YES these Fins are gonna be Dangerous ( less dangerous than Huge Knives tho) I'd like to say Danger is my middle name.... but it's not it's George. In an attempt to be the guy that rides a fish .....a Dangerous Looking Fish .....instead of the guy that rides an utterly boring, overly priced, anime looking, plastic covered, dime a dozen "street bike".... ***Beware to all those behind me if your not experienced you may be swimming with the fishes***......"Heed my warning"
DesmoBro said:
done deal come get em
SWEET! PM sent
just one problem... you live in the ocean.


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I'm curious what the rear end of your bike will do at speed. I'm loving your "Fuck y'all, I'm gonna ride a fish damnit!" attitude.
Yea not sure what kind of down force these fins will make Brother Pro time will tell also thank you brother dmr trying to keep it interesting .....Check out this Crustacean


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Brother Shermanator that single carb set up is awesome....I'd ride it, I wonder if it gets better mileage than the twin carb set up and what the power is like. Brother Fox careful riding Lobsters this time of year you might get crabs
DesmoBro said:
Brother Shermanator that single carb set up is awesome....I'd ride it, I wonder if it gets better mileage than the twin carb set up and what the power is like. Brother Fox careful riding Lobsters this time of year you might get crabs

Thanks man, the mileage isn't that great as my carb is worn out and still isn't jetted right. Either going to rebuild it or just buy a new mikuni and see how it does
It's cool man! Build what you want! Thats the beauty of it.
SoyBoySigh-See a god damn therapist! :-\
What ever happened to the tank and seat part DesmoBro? Gee not sure, must have gone fishing.....Oh and so lately I have been doing some investigation, During this "Investigation" I broke a bolt....(ah crap)....Then snapped off the remaining part I could have welded a nut onto....(ah double crap).....Then drilled into my engine trying to easy-out.....(oooops)....Then I said well I can't possibly ruin this side anymore, lets try the other side. Both bolts come off like butter and this is what I find....No tank or seat.....(damnit!).....Brother Amsterdam this bike is basically a live an learn experiment....So far the bike itself cost me $100 (the $100 I paid for the snowblower I traded for it)....The tools I have bought/acquired during this time have cost me over $1,000....But I Literally started with Just a screw driver and adjustble wrench not too long ago


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