the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

That's odd. Any ideas as to what went wrong and how it caused the damage?
Not yet. I'll pull the head in a day or two and look further in. This head was on the side with the worst damage from extended submersion, but that all seemed to be limited to the cylinders. The oil side had no water or corrosion. Just by turning the front of the cam by hand, it appears to have broken inside, but near the front.
Booo. I have some aftermarket head gaskets if you want one, Came in a kit, I ordered OEM for the heads and kept them for spares, used all the rest of the gaskets from the kit to refresh the bike.
I might have a spare head gasket, but if not I'll take a chance on a Barracuda from Saber.

Yep, that head (and cam) is toast. EBay order in for another complete right head (from a '76 - same part numbers). The valves and such look fine in it, must have stopped the #3 cylinder valves out of the way, and front was still in time. Broke right in the middle due to oil starvation. Why oil starvation? THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER ALLOW RTV IN AN ENGINE! Must have been a PO, I know better. I remember cleaning lots off of the valve cover gaskets when I first got it. The only place that I have used it is on the exhaust header/muffler joint. The piece was lodged in the oil restrictor, completely stopping oil flow to the right head.


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Found the spare head gasket and exhaust gaskets. Even gave some stem seals if needed.

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Further forensics today. Drained the oil and pulled the oil filter, then pulled the cover off of the side of the sump. A lot of black sludge-like particles in the bottom attracted by the magnet, but that has been common in all of the GL1000s I've had. One very small aluminum flake drug out by a paper towel used to swab the sump bottom clamped by bilge tongs. Two very small black steel chips held by the drain plug magnet - but I see those occasionally from the transmission. No trash in the drain port from the right head. Strainer had a few particles of what appeared to be phenolic in it - not metallic. Filter no metal on it (had only been in for ~50 miles or so). Bottom trolling the oil brought up no particles. I'll probably suspend a magnet shielded by a condom in it for a while to see if anything migrates to it.

Rotated the engine to belt change position and ordered two new ones. If the right one saw enough force to break a cam in half, it needs replaced and the other is due, too. Finished cleaning the surface for new head gasket install and dug through o-ring supplies for new ones for the water tube. Intake o-rings still look very good and will be reused. water elbow gasket needs a new one made.
Wow! eBay head came in today! I've cleaned the gasket off and rebuilt it with valves, springs, keepers, lands, and seals from the other head that had probably about 600 miles total on it. Hope to show Geneva ('76 RD400c) tomorrow. New belts are due in Tuesday. Might actually get Hunley back on the road next week! I am so surprised that there is no more damage. I'm giving the head to a friend that recycles aluminum. Wondering what I should do with the cam halves?
JB Weld it before sending? Wonder how many badass Ichiban stickers it would be worth?
Hopefully a bunch, those thigs on your bike are worth at least ten extra HP! Another thought, epoxy the two halves onto the sides of an old helmet, that would be a great conversation starter at bike shows.
They delivered final belt at about 6:30 pm. Took all of about 30 minutes to install, set #3 Intake valve (already had the others set), install the valve and belt covers, clean up and put tools away, and.... IT'S ALIVE! Once fuel got to the carbs she fired and sounds great! Everything is too wet to take her out for a trial run this evening, but as soon as roads dry well I'll take her for a spin.
This past Tuesday morning I rode her through Norris Dam State Park and in the evening rode her to the Time Warp Tea Room for Bike Night. Seems fine. Sucking gas, but always has. Yesterday I re-checked the valves and re-torqued the head bolts. Would have her in a show this Saturday, but the wife wants to go to a family gathering.
Have put several 40+ mile rides on her since the head replacement. Seems to be running great. Fuel economy could be better, but I'm really not wanting to mess with carbs now. Plugs look good and compression is good so I'll check for a brake drag (doesn't take much to kill mileage). Time to put the little IR thermometer in my riding jacket pocket!
For you guys in Tennessee, keep your eyes open for the January Thunder Roads magazine in your local bike shop/hangout.
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