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My ACE 50 R is finally coming monday! (Only delayed about 2-3 weeks :p)

Is there anything special to think about when the big box is about to be opened? Any tips and trix for the assembling?
Caferacer1968 said:
00 Racing Cdi upgrade.

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what you do with the two single wires off the 00racing Cdi ?
Do you leave them separate or join together?
Think there for a switch.
Cheers Gunny

If you connect both wires together, it engages the rev limiter that the CDI comes with. There is a small brass flat tipped screw on the CDI that will adjust the rev limit at which the CDI cuts out by turning it right or left.

Best thing is to tie both wires together with electrical tape without connecting them so you can store them away. Also block both bullet connectors so grime and dust don't get inside.

Take into consideration that the CDI comes without rev limiter if the wires aren't connected, and the engine starts to incur valve float above 9'500 rpm, so don't go WFO above that for too long, or you'll (eventually) grenade the engine. Plus, there's no power to be had above 9000 rpm anyways, this is a 125 pushrod after all ;D
Looking at the Ace as my first motorbike, power in moderation and clearly enough info online to learn how to maintain it.

I've found a second-hand one that already has the OORacing mods (which I was planning to do myself) with fairly low kms so it looks like a good deal.

The only issue the bike has issues with the electric cold start. Kickstarting is fine. Battery has been replaced and it didn't fix it. Is this something I can troubleshoot easily, or does it mean more issues down the line and maybe I should keep looking?
I don't think I would worry about the electric start not working. As long as it starts and runs reliably with the kickstart. Others have removed the electric start altogether to save weight. I always kickstart, because it makes it feel like a real bike :)

Sean shows what works for him here. Two gentle kicks with ignition off, then ignition on and one kick to start

adktz said:
The only issue the bike has issues with the electric cold start.

Electric start on a 125 is overkill!

Does the electric start work OK when the bike is warm? How cold is it where you are?

adktz said:
Works fine when warm, and the kickstart works all the time.
Melbourne, so cold, but not snowy.

Sydney has been pretty cold lately, and rainy!

The starter problem sounds fixable, but if not you can always do this:


Crazy, I think it would be interesting on your bike to machine starter gear off the back of flywheel. The centre has a seal on it so is necessary. Gear is not needed( can't get rid of one ways too worst luck. ) would make your bike rev up quicker. Only a thought!

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Always think rotating mass through... remove too much and you lose inertia so the motor always has to pull to make power... proper weighting of rotating parts is better that lightening only.
That is true . Flywheel is an energy storage device.. But there is a lot of mass in this one. . A balancing act. But would be interesting to see if it revs more freely. Cg ran ok before electric start was added. And you have no reason to have this large gear any more.

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Front cup part would stay.. Machine gear off from weld behind assembly leaving centre to act on seal. 500 grams + lighter flywheel

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Hi all, been a while since i last posted. Been rather caught up in my studies. Does anyone know of a bike shop in Melbourne that would do the conversion to 250cc? I am tempted to get a slightly more powerful bike (not much mind you, 250cc would be ideal) but I just don't want to part with my ace and I can really only afford space-wise to own a single bike (at the moment anyway...renting an apartment with no garage, come garage, my partner is going to kill me hahaha). Any information would be much appreciated!
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