The Xt400 side car (winter project)

Back to the sidecar stuff. I spent a little time today, tinkering around with the brake setup for the car......nothing fancy, but I think it will work. Now I just need brake lines.




Well.......I drove a sidecar for the first time today!!! It was fun! I finally got everything welded up and bolted together. It was snowing but I went out and rode it around the house a few times.......I didn't even fall over! ;) Here is a video
Thanks Bro.....Yeah the banging and shaking was from my tub not being bolted down tight enough. I have rubber spacers but the stupid bolts I bought had to long of a shank and not enough threads so the left about a 1/4" gap.....I just need to get some new bolts that have threads the entire length of the bolt. That should take car of things.
That was a fun video ;D
Looks like you almost got the wheel up going around the tree 8)
I wouldn't fit a different tyre to chair, you want to be able to brake chair around bike, trying to brake bike around chair will end in disaster so you don't want too much grip
I've always said, sidecars are probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on ;D
Apologies for my absence ........ most excellent. My trials outfit has been working its arse off in the ice and snow here and never fails to:
A. get everywhere it's asked to
B. make me smile
C. make me smile a bit more :)
The build is just the start of it ;)
That is truly awesome - especially given the build time, especially compared to people like me ! ::)

I love seeing the pix of bikes in their natural surroundings from "overseas" - gives us Brits a real persective of the US and Canada apart from what we see on TV series !

My cap is truly and sincerely doffed. 8)
The smile on your son's face is awesome. You also have a beautiful back drop. Jealous all around.
Smile on your kids face proves that its a hell of a fun to ride. Looking good! What are your plans next?
i guess my plans are to finish up the little stuff. i need a fender, i need to hook up the brakes, paint the sidecar frame. the tub needs a little bodywork and paint. soon ill be starting on my leading link forks. then hopefully will be adjusting things, and then riding the wheels off of the thing.
The sun was out and it looked warm.......It wasn't! So I went for a ride. This was the first time on the road with the hack. I haven't been that cold in a long time. I went about 8 miles. Just on the back road behind my house. Had the rig up to about 45mph. Nothing too dramatic to report. It definitely needs steering mods. Leading link forks are in the works. It did surprise me with how straight it went. I was even able to let go of the bars and nothing happened. The only thing that felt weird to me was when I was entering left hand turns the rear suspension on the bike would really unload giving it a very odd feeling. I got used to it, but I realize my rear suspension needs stiffening up. I also noticed how much power the extra weight asked for. The next thing I need to do is get the car break hooked up. Does anyone know the best way to plumb it? I would like to use hard line for most of it then switch to flex out at the swing arm. How can I go from the master cylinder(banjo bolt) to hardline, then back to banjo bolt (flex line). I thought about running flex the whole way, but It is a long way, and all the flex I have found is too expensive. Any thoughts??
I'm sure you can get the ends of the lines crimped with a NPT fitting (opposite side of banjo bolt) and then get a swedge lock fitting for the hard line..? Or have the hardline end threaded so you just scew the female end of the flex line on it. You have to look at it as a hydraulic line viewpoint.. Big machinery use flex to hard to flex to hard all the time and they just use swivel ends on the hose and swedge lock on the pipe. You could probably get whoever is making your flex lines to crimp different fittings depending on what you go with.. Though I think swedge would work best if using small SS tubing.
Get a MX bike front brake line, should be plenty too long enough ;)
If it isn't, just make a connector block (or use one of the gazzillion CB360 ones around here and 2 extra banjo bolts (plus, you could have an extra brake switch)
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