Tuesday night bike night in Ypsilanti, MI


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Anyone here going to the Tuesday night bike nights in Ypsi? I just found out about them.....well ok, maybe I was just reminded about them....anyway, I want to ride up there maybe tonight. Anyone want to meet up?
I headed down to bike night in Ypsi last night. Stopped in Aubreys for a cold one and then walked the street looking at bikes and talking to people. Had a guy that had just recently bought a cb350f frame and motor that was quite interested in looking over my bike to see what parts he might have forgotten about. I also talked to a guy that use to drag race his cb350 twin out at Milan Dragway back when I worked there as a kid(30+ years ago!). He was still riding the same bike....minus the wheelie bar. What a sight that was. His bike looked as good as ever! He was parked outside of the cafe racer shop.
I plan on making the trip up from Toledo sometime soon. We have a vintage bike night every other Tuesday, so on the off week I'd love to head up. I don't get off work til 6 pm, so I likely wouldn't make it up there til close to 8 after stopping home to let the dogs out and grab a quick bite.
moetrout said:
I also talked to a guy that use to drag race his cb350 twin out at Milan Dragway back when I worked there as a kid(30+ years ago!). He was still riding the same bike....minus the wheelie bar. What a sight that was. His bike looked as good as ever! He was parked outside of the cafe racer shop.


That's Carl Kneiper. I met him a couple of years ago at the grand opening of the shop. Yeah, he builds some potent CB350 motors. When he rode away, he popped a small wheelie.
Yep, I knew that. I am pretty sure he lives just a couple miles away from me. I use to love to watch him race. He was super consistent in his times and did pretty well at athe track. The coolest thing is that he is still riding the same old Honda!

I plan on going down every Tuesday I can. I am only like ten minutes away. So if you see a matador red cb350f or a red kz1000 stop by and say hey!
i stopped in a few weeks ago but i think it was supposed to rain so that may be why not many bikes showed. but ill be stopping in more often on either my red 1970 cb350 or green 72 cb350.
It's gonna be a hot one tonight, but I think I am still going to cruise up for bike night tonight. Anyone else going? If you see a red cb350f stop by and say hey!
Headed down there tonight from Royal Oak. Brown 71' cb500 four and a crypt keeper purple kz650. If anyone wants to meet up in R.O. before we ride out @ 6:30-7:00 let me know.
Good bike night last night. I rode out on my 78 kz1000. I got to meet Sluginxlt and his girl. They rode their cb350's. Carl Kneiper was there on his stock 72 cb350. I saw 2 other old KZs, a 750 triple 2 stroke and what looked to be a kz1000 LTD (same thing I have!). It was good to hang out and talk old bikes.
Once my bike is ready (soon) I'll prolly go over and see what it's all about, I'm right outside of Ypsi.
Gnarly! Had to say it, I love Specolli (sp?). Fast Times at Ridgemont High was one of my favorite movies as a PUNK KID!

I go to bike nights just to get out of the house. I usually start my night out with an Oberon at Aubreys. Then I walk around and look for any bikes that interest me. I always seem to end up in front of Cafe Racer shootin the shit about bikes with the other guys. Real low key and laid back. It's kind of too bad Cafe Racer didn't have more going on. Those guys sure could capitalize on the extra people that are down there.

If we get a little better turn out I think it would be cool to organize a short ride before or after. I'd like to ride with some other old school bikes. Huron River Drive anyone?!
Huron river drive is literally 2 minutes (or less, depending on how fast I'm driving) away from my house. I'm certainly down for some rides!

Glad to hear its lowkey over there, I was worried it was going to be a clusterfuck of a bunch of guys wearing schott jackets and greased back hair, trying WAY TOO HARD. Kinda like Mods Vs. Rockers. Hate to sound like a judgemental dick, but... yeah... like I said... some people try WAY TOO HARD.

Spicolli is the MAN by the way. In his honor (Sean Penns honor?), I had a pizza delivered to me during class (EMU) It was great.

As far as Cafe Racer goes, I have mixed feelings. Of the few times I've been in there, I've gotten a very elitist... and overall very unbecoming vibe from some of the guys who work there. I asked them if they carried Dellorto jets, a friend of mine who's really into mopeds was looking for some. Just kind of got scoffed at. I don't know, hard to describe, I just didn't get a very welcoming vibe. The guy and gal who were out in the main part of the store were great, very friendly, wouldn't mind going back and shooting the shit with them... My issue is just with the guys BEHIND the counter, which is unfortunate, because with a business like that most of the money is being made BEHIND that coffee counter.
Well evidently the bikini bike wash drew in a few more bikes, there was a great turn out last night. Quite a few Triumph guys there. One of them is somebody I worked with and knew pretty well about 20 year ago!

I'd still like to try and put together a vintage bike run before or after.
I am heading down for bike night in Ypsi Tuesday night if anyone else is interested. Reply back here if you'd like to meet up for a short ride or just to have a beer and talk old bikes.
Bike night last night in Ypsi was huge! Streets were lined with bikes and people coming in later had to park on the sidewalks! Met up with a guy who I had met at the sec. of state about a month ago. A fellow cb350 owner. Talked to Carl Kneiper about hitting Milan Dragway tonight on the old cb350's. I may hit the track with him. Me and the wife have been talking about taking both bikes (72 cb350 twin and a 72 cb350f) to the dragstrip. I left early last night to get home and prep my wifes twin for the track. It has not been start in 2 years. I had already changed the oil and put in a new battery. I drained the gas, blew out the tank and the petcock. Put in fresh gas and she started right up. So I took it for a short ride and everything was fine and then all of a sudden....no power! I think it sucked up some gunk in the carb. So no racing that one tonight, but maybe the 350f?

Any of you posers ever going to make it down for bike night?!
Dammit I keep missing these because of an annoying later work meeting ...

What time would you say it gets crowded and then disapates?
What time do these start up? Love to try to make the trip from Grand Rapids with a crew sometime.
Pretty sure they're more or less year round. During the winter they were doing "movie nights", certainly not anywhere near as crowded as the actual bike nights... but yeah, Every Tuesday night!
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