Tuesday night bike night in Ypsilanti, MI

I have missed the last 3 bike nights due to really minor issues WITH ALL 3 OF MY BIKES!!! One is spittin' and sputtering due to something being sucked up into the carb, time for a carb cleaning. Another has a leaky petcock and I am just waiting on the damn gasket to fix it. The last has a faulty kill switch that to fix required the whole right side control to be ordered and then the new one has half the wires with a different wiring scheme. None of these should take long to fix, but youth deer season started up and my son wants to hunt too! I think I will have time to fix at least one bike so I can make it this next Tuesday to bike night in Ypsi. Anyone want to go for a ride beforehand?
Ok, not many bike nights left for this year. Any of you posers gonna actually ride out? Last week I did see sluginxlt and another guy that rides a very unique hard tail harley. I see this guy riding around my area all the time and I know it's him because of the suicide shift. So I talked to him a bit and got to check out his bike real good.

Come on out, let's have a beer at Aubrey's! I am usually at Aubreys sippin' a brew by 6:30.
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