What helmet is this guy wearing?

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Anyone know the make?

I am thinking of getting a full face helmet. I have a 3/4 daytona helmet, I feel like a bobble head when I go down the road.


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im not sure what it is, but im pretty sure its an old dirbike helmet with the visor removed.

i plan on getting a nolan N44 when i can afford it. gives you the most versatility from one helmet, and doesnt impede peripheral vision, a big gripe of mine.


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Yup. Bell Moto III. Cool helmet. I have owned a few. They suck at speeds above 30mph, and being 30 years old they provide no real crash protection but they look rad. There are a few sellers on EBay that sell repops, but they're no name Chinese made deals. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that they are complete junk.


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Keif, that's an awesome helmet right there!

I like the different way you can use it. And not too bad of a price there.

They are a cool looking helmet, but as has been said, don't do much in the way of protection. Here's another version, this one a New Zealand made version:


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If you are looking for a cool vintage style yet affordable and DOT approved helmet, take a look at the old Safetech full-face helmets (if you can find one).

I love the thin front of these old helmets... similar to the new bell bullitt style but actually legit. vintage.


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Loco Leon had quite a collection of vintage snap on face shields for open face helmet that had a similar look... might search out his older posts in this section


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Check this guys Ebay site.
Has several vintage helmets and some like this one.


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The blue helmet in the first post looks great!

I am a huge fan of full face because they are much safer. Its like wearing a seatbelt vs not wearing one.

Then this helmet looks liek it breathes good with the vent holes in the mouth. Also has a lot of good room in the mouth area which makes it less claustrophobic and stuff i presume.

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A full gives way more protection than a half or 3/4 too. I bought a 3/4 helmet once and was so excited, cleaned fingerprints off and put a sticker on it. Admiring it.

Unil my first ride. In addition to the increased wind speed and aerodynamics. I felt so un safe. Like I was about to wreck and slide on my jawbone.


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I really like these helmets, even though they're not DOT rated. They are apparently safety certified by the Thai government, whatever that means.

But they have a reproduction of a Bell Moto III type helmet


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Here's a DOT approved similar-style helmet: http://4into1.com/dmd-racer-full-face-helmet-white/



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Dude I think it's from Trooper Custom -


- making some bad to the bone lids out of Indonesia. Think they'll customise them for you too.

I want all of them

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