What helmet is this guy wearing?


The arsenic has oddly shaped feet...
Reviving this thread. I wanted to provide a comparison and ask for some opinion on helmets.

I own two helmets. Both entry level but very very different, one vintage, one modern. The modern one, sportbike style 707 helmet is WAY better than the Bitwell vintage style. Here is why.
Cycle Gear Brand - Seven Zero Seven - Perfect rubber seal on face shield, easy ventilation, not noisy, covers chin and has chin shield

Bitwell Gringo S
- Barely cover chin, no chin screen, no rubber seal on face shield, noisy and uses a stupid snap connector,
hard to open, feels cheap

While I do love the look of vintage helmets it's apparent that they are mostly for looks. After this comparison I would strongly suggest you purchase a decent quality full face helmet. I know their expensive and don't always look cafe but the difference in comfort and protection is night and day. Here are a few I've selected as my next purchase. Comments welcomed.

Most likely next purchase:
Shark SKWAL Helmet - good quality, matte black, great reviews, integrated LED

Expensive but super high quality
Nexx XR2 Carbon Zero Helmet

Super expensive perfect dream helmet w/cafe racer flavor
Bell Race Star Ace Cafe Speed Check Helmet
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