why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

A little bit every day. Helps keep it moving and gives encouragement when you realize that an important step (cabs, engine check clean and paint, frame clean mod and paint, etc.) is finished.

Don't know about the verticle mount cap. Might make filling the system fully a bit difficult.
Would that side filler allow you to get all the air out of the system? Not sure how you'd be able to fill it like that and get all the air out. Maybe I'm overthinking it?
Something to think about - you can spjn an adapter out of brass to mount the sensor for a digital LED temperature gauge. I did that on Hunley, and am pretty pleased with the outcome. I just mounted the head in place of the old temperature gauge in the dash pod. The one I bought reads in F degrees, but has an over-temp LED that comes on at 212F. Hunley runs over that normally, so I need to find a way to disable that LED. Keep at it!
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