XS650 BIllet triple clamp, Cafe and OEM


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Here is my latest of my 650 triples. I designed these a few months ago, and finally got some made. All billet CNC milled, 1 inch thick. 35mm only for now. cafe style, to run clip ons, and an OE style to run an aftermarket (or Stock) handle bar and riser. (stock risers will require spacers underneath clamp.)
Cafe price is $118 plus shipping,
OE piece is $135 plus shipping, and comes with poly bushing kit shown. STOCK BUSHINGS WILL NOT FIT
Both clamps come with tapped holes underneath, to accomodate stock gage cluster, or aftermarket units. Stsinless pinch bolts included for forks.




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Captmilk76 said:
I'm interested in the OEM. Is it big balls to swap out the top triple?

I have done it a few times, So its pretty easy for me. Its not that bad really. You leave your forks in place, ( ist best to use a jack or boards to help support the front end load) held by the lower clamp, and just remove your gagues, let them hang, and swap it all out. I dont have anything right now though, for the gap that will be left between the new clamp, and factory headlight ears. Take that into consideration before you buy.

ejc2g, I dont have plans in the works for a goldwing upper. But, in a while when my buddy gets his second mill, It will be easeir to do small production, and prototype parts like that. So, Its not out of question. I will certainly keep you in the loop on that. I am weeks behind on a norton upper and lower for a local guy right now, So im avoiding one off stuff for the time being.


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The gap you are referring to is the gap between the OEM headlight ears and the OEM top triple? correct?
I have the cafe style billet ears


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Sweet, can you email me when you have the OEM available and i'll Paypal you the cash...or you can send an invoice to joshuarossi76@gmail.com. One last question. Should I buy any seals or washers or whatever when I swapout the top triples?


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Nothing else should be needed. I am sourcing out chrome cap washers right now, to include with the OE clamps. So those will be included, but are not in photo.

You should be good!!

Ill invoice you when im ready.


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Would be so great if you at some point made them for other bikes as well - I've been looking everywhere for something this for my KZ650 - nowhere to be found. Great job man


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looks awesome. do you know if it will fit a CB500T? you do killer work, i am also looking at your rear sets.


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I have done a clamp for a CB500t. I think its the same as the CB500/550 fours. Im out, but i plan to make some soon.

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