xs650 clutch issues


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So I took apart my xs650 1980. I finished putting it back together tonight and went for a test run. I could only shift to 3rd, and the engine was running like the clutch was not fully releasing. I got it back home and went to adjusting the clutch according to the manual. Now I can not get it to shift at all.

I recieved a request for more details.

I swapped handlebars and at the same time was going to install a hydraulic clutch so the clutch cable came off, I also took off the side cover and used another side cover that I had already tapped threads into. I ran into issues with the hydraulic clutch (unimportant for this thread) and installed my original side cover and clutch cable, no adjustments were done.

That is all before the test run, in which I could only shift to 3rd and the engine ran like I was holding in the clutch some, ie. not fully disengaging.

That is when I adjusted it according to the book. I loosened the lock nut and tightened the adjuster screw until I hit resistance then backed it off 1/4 turn. That gave me the ability to not shift at all, and some internet research. I have tried lubing the cable and the cable felt easier to pull but still could not shift.

I have a replacement hydraulic clutch on the way but would like to get it working correctly before I install that one, for peace of minds sake. And it will help me learn my system.

Thanks for the help.
Try adjusting it this way.

Loosen perch adjuster until lever touches the grip. Then, loosen the case adjuster lock nut and turn the adjuster in until the lever is about 1/2" from the perch. Tighten lock nut at case. Then use the perch adjuster to take up the play bringing the lever to a 1/16" from the perch.

This always works well but may need a little fine tuning when warm. Also, make sure you have the ball bearing in the worm drive inside the case. They often fall out unnoticed.
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