XS650 Rear sets are here!!!


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Durgam, was wondering if you were able to get back in your garage yet? I know you had pneumonia recently and having been there and done that....also know how much that crap takes out of you! Anyway, if you are back working on the rear sets....have you got the folders for the XS working yet?


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IM getting my mid controls for XS650's mounted this weekend. And ive got folding pegs prototyped. Should be in production on those next week. I haad a friend wirth an urgent part needed for his BMW R90, that turned into a small production run of a really neat piece. So i spent time in the shop today working on those and the folding peg. Thansk for all the nice comments, and everyones patience.

And yes this bout with pnuemonia KICKED MY ASS!! Doing much better though. And glad to be back in the shop.



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I'd love to know when the folding ones will be ready! That was the only reason I didn't buy any yet. Please let us know when they're ready to be purchased


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Ill have sets ready this week. Maybe thursday, most likely Friday. Ill have a pic up tonight. Let me know what years your 650's are. I need to make mounts for 74 and later too. Im all out of those.


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Hey Durgam, I would really like a set of the folding peg type rear sets for my 1973 TX650. I'm looking forward to some photos of the finished product.
The other photos are fine, but one set or side of the photos, don't look like the part is finished like the other side, and I would realy like to see the folding type in non cast type or knurled. Will they be the rubber gripped/sleeved ones?


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I ran this knurl on my GT550 cafe bike for over a year. Very grippy, I never had an issue. In normal shoes, or riding boots. I do have mounts ready for a 73. In 74 they changed the spacing on the mount studs, aso those require a slightly different part.


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My preference for the rubber covered ones is the looks. I don't care too much for the knurled look.
How much would you charge for the mount bracket for a 73 frame? I rather buy the whole thing from you.


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You asked for the mounts but than said you want to buy the whole thing. Im a little confused.????
Either way, I only offer knurled pegs, no rubber ones.
A complete kit with folding pegs will run $192 shipped.
Thats includes
mount spacers,
mount Lock nuts
folding pegs
I can seel you just mounts too if you like.
Let me know if you have any more questions


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That's a very fair price.
What i meant was, that i WOULD like to just buy the whole thing from you, but since I really want the rubber folding pegs I wanted to know how much the mounts and mount spacers would run me. I was going to also ask if you thought the Tarozzi pegs would work with your mounts, but i doubt it. I guess will settle for the knurled pegs then. Sorry for the confusion, I type as I think. :D

And yes, please post some pics of the folding set.


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i have sold some mounts only to a gentleman here on the board. He was mounting tarozzi's to them. He had me drill out the mount hole for him. I could do the same for you if you like. that way you can have your cake, and eat it too!

$58 shipped for mounts, spacers, and lock nuts. Sound good?


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I'm just going to get the whole thing from you including the cast shift arm.
PM on the way.
I just got my rear sets in the mail today. Look really good. Glad I made the purchase.

Thinking when I get some spare cash I will ask you to make an instrument mount for me.

Tx again


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I'd like to see some pictures of Tue folding setup too!

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Folding pegs have arrived ;D ;D

Pegs are 1" in diameter instead of 7/8 for the standard pegs. Hinged on a stainless shoulder bolt. (not shown) Price goes up to $190 shipped due to extra materials, and components.

I also have developed Mid controls, for the bobber adn chopper guys. Or for the guys that cant get there lags all the way back to rearset position, but still want a custom peg setup.

Ask any questions.





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Good to hear. Im out of shift arms at the moment, and out of 74' and later mounts. But i will be making more real soon. I do have levers, and 73 and earlier mounts ready. Ithink i posted cost on kits with folding pegs here in the post somewhere. Pm me if you want PP info. Thanks, Kris


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Out of curiosity do you think these would work on an '80 XS1100? I've never been able to put a 650 or 850 next to my 1100 to see size differences. I'm from the old school world of drag racing where bigger is badder so I have an XS1100 cafe in the works.


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FNG, not sure on fitment on an XS1100. I would say no. The XS650 units mount to the factory foot peg mount studs on the frame. Unless your 1100 has these same mounts, than your out of luck. Send me some close up pics of the factory mounts and or passenger mounts, and maybe we can come up with something together.

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