Yamaha DT3 - Small Garage, large ambition

Intake update!

After following the rabbit hole Teazer sent me down, the researched turned out quite fruitful!
I bought an eBay intake for a Yamaha Blaster 200 in hopes the math and form factor would prove out before dumping $130 on a V-Force reed cage. This setup mostly checks out, with the exception of the carb angle and the distance between the lower bolts and new carb.

I'll likely use some flanged bolts with a smaller hex diameter and massage the carb ever so slightly to gain some clearance.

I don't think the carb angle is bad enough to affect the intended function, but I foresee some float-bowl adjustments to make sure. Otherwise, I'll look at an angled spacer or something of that nature.

You'll also notice the new carb swapped in real simple. That's the stock throttle cable in there for mock up. Literally just unthreaded the adapter and unsnapped the cable from the OEM Mikuni round-carb and screwed it into the top of this 32mm Mikuni flat slide, snapped in the cable, and away we go!






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Capturing more info as I'm waiting for my chromoly to arrive for my swingarm build
Possible rear axle option: http://www.oem-cycle.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=193

Website that's FULL of good information with dimensions:

I've paused on the bike for a while as I've been sorting out that work/play balance. A new track went in close to home and so I've taken some time to enjoy the dirt again with my flat track bike.
I'm also waiting on steel AND trying to get my swing arm pivot bolt removed. That's proven to be an unsuccessful chore thus far.
Still waiting on my chromoly....

In the mean time, I pulled the engine and swing arm. Boy I'll tell ya - the seized swingarm bolts put up a fight! Heat and hammers didn't work. Cutting it should've been my first move (way easier).

Next up,
Start making a new subframe and fixturing the swing arm.

Added 9/20/22:
Alternative to look at for swing arm if not too heavy
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Very limited update (no photos)

The project was on pause for a long while this spring / summer. My chromoly FINALLY came in so I can get started on a swingarm now. However, I just started escrow and now need to pack & move into my first home.
I'm pretty stoked to go from a 10x18 garage to a 3 car garage + 600 sq-ft workshop. I finally have a place where I can have bikes AND a place to work on them. More progress on the DT3 this fall/winter after I get the house settled.
Gotta admit I'm a bit jealous of the new garage/shop. But, it has been convenient to just go down the steps to our basement garage. Even if it is shared with the washer and dryer. That DT3 should be out of it in no time!
Well that's not gone well!
No updates since August :eek:

I kind of figured this might happen after buying my first house. We've been inundated with projects and randomness the last few months. We termite tented the house, fixed up the jacuzzi, patio roof, repainted all the bedrooms, fixed brickwork on the patio, uprooted about 50 Sago Palms pups, moved a decrepit wood pile, tore down built-in cabinets in the house and smaller garage, patched drywall, planted fruit trees, and then (as of 1/2/2022)...bought a puppy.

I'm beginning to think this DT3 will be done when I retire. In 35 years.
For better or worse - I'm not tired but keep running out of time in the day/night! It's been fun honestly.
The biggest stumbling block is that we have a lot of built-in cabinets that are terrible for organizing the garage and shop, so I'm not able to get my welding / fab table setup & organized yet.
Once I can configure the space, it should be quite easy to crank out work.
Well, another 6-7 months have passed and I still haven't made an inch of progress on the DT3. The good news is that I haven't forgotten about it nor has my wife come to expect it won't be the next money pit after I wrap up this sunroom insulation project. The bad news is that I'm still neck deep in my sunroom insulation project and it ain't ending until October or so.

Yesterday I also added a couple more wheels to walk around. Picked up a Yamaha TTR50e for my 6 year old and a street legal WR250f for me. The 250 needs a carb service before it's ready, otherwise it's ready to be my do-anything bike while the DT3 is under the knife.

I also blew up my wrung-out 70cc Zuma last week on the way to work, so I'll have to diagnose that eventually. Could be broken reeds.
2001wr250f.jpggarage bikes.jpg2013 TTR50e.jpg

Edit: WR Wheel info (Yes, Yes I know I should work on the DT3 but damn it's fun to dream about new rubber and wheels on old steads!)


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I'm sure I have the worst updates in terms of both timing and alignment with original topic.
Why change now right?
Here's the latest "progress" on the DT3:
Sheldon 11.jpg

I kept hitting hurdles with the DT that required spacers or modification to existing pieces. Most notably making a complete swing arm requires a lot of tube work and pieces turned out.
As a result of this need and my desire to reconnect with my old machining roots, I went on the hunt for a proper shop tool. This 11" lathe should help ensure progress can be made without pause (once I get started again).
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