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Gotta attach a rear fender (ADR)
Ive got some ideas, looking for input



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Probably mount it a bit higher. Looks like it will rub where it is....

What bike is this for? Do you have the original guard?


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ADR in as Australian design rules?...If so the rear guard ADR has just recently been changed for newer bikes, and depending on where you are you maybe able to get away with very little guard...
Anyway you need to leave space for mud and tyre expansion if going hugger style...or if frame mounted you need to allow for full suspension compression without hitting any part of the guard/frame
For Ideas hit up google images with a search for motorcycle rear guard/tail tidy for some inspiration


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Heya, cheers for replies.
Im looking for practical advice on how to attach it.

its currently resting on the wheel, so you can see desired placement and bolt holes.

(ill check new adr stuff cheers)

currently thinking, bracket welded to inside of hoop or something that loops over the hoop

as well as something either side of the frame to .. agh its hard to describe.

My question is more about the hoop attachment bit tho


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Do you want to mount it to the frame or to the swingarm?

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