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    Gsxr SS brake lines

    Re: Gsxr stuff, SS brake lines, clip ons That extra long cable still available? I'll check to see if it fits on my '01 600 front end.
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Sorry guys, no updates in awhile. Business is doing terrible + a few other busy things. The shitty monoshock's gotten an update (stock GSX-R geometry). Will post photos soon.
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    LSL Headlight Ears 45mm

    Selling 45mm LSL Headlight Ears. Like new condition. Test fitted once for mockup only. Not sure what bikes they'll fit on. $185USD+Shipping New, Asking $150 Shipped from Canada.
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    HAHAHAHA.. this is awesome. I will get a dimensioned CAD drawing to you in a bit.
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    Re: Bigsam302's 76 CB750F w/GSXR Forks: Project Helen – She Lives!!!

    Awesome. Great choices all around and she sounds amazing!
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Jeez, for my sake if only we could've had this discussion beforehand. Yeah a definitely agree a Ø19mm cutout is a bit big for a Ø22mm aluminum bar. I'm not an engineer but I was previously an architectural designer -- from what I remember through working with engineers, circular cutouts do not...
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    Honda NSR250 MC28 Restoration/Special

    WHOA, How have I missed this! Amazing work as always Dale.
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    80 XS650 Monoshock

    Ah shit man. Wishing you the best.
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    1973 CB500

    Wow. J-Rod, I don't know how you could part with an object of such beauty. Free bump!
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Alright, so I'm pretty flattered by everyone's concerns for my safety. For anyone looking to install the Posh Switch on a Renthal bar it seems like this is not recommended and done at your own risk. I'm going to keep these on the build to mock-up only. They'll be swapped with heavier LSL...
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    I refuse to die at least until I watch you eat that hat. I'll test these out around the block once this thing is running. If they're really that janky I'll swap to LSL Stainless bars. If I don't make it I'll have my brother update the thread to let you all know aluminum bars + big holes are not...
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Thank you sir. Unfortunately my small girly hands wouldn't be able to reach that far. The setup is quite comfortable this way -- feels exactly the same as my Duc. I'll look out for something like it next time I'm tool shopping -- can never have enough tools!
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    What's that tool called? I was planning to just carefully chamfer using a dremel tool + sanding bit.
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Good call. I'll clean everything up and make sure to keep checking on it as part of my pre-ride inspection. The switch is pretty tiny, just looks big all zoomed in. It's 41mm width, 18mm height, sticks out 8mm from the bars. (1.6" x 0.7" x 0.3" for you savages). There's an extra 4.75mm (0.19")...
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    1979 CB750 DOHC Monoshock Build

    Lol damn, I'll figure out what to do with the bars later. I've read that cleaning up the hole to become a perfect circle + chamfering the edges will reduce the chance of stress fractures. The bike is still a long way away from running. The larger 19mm hole is there to accommodate the three way...
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