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    Engine rattle

    72 cb750K My mechanic has rebuilt and sync-ed the carbs and replaced the manual tensioner. He says he’s still concerned with the engine noise. Sounds like much of the noise is from the clutch basket. Perhaps he’s hearing something different in person than I am getting from the video. My...
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    ng for someone to tune my carbs. Toronto. Cb750

    Had been waiting on a local shop who finally delivered my bike in a less than optimal state. Looking for someone with some carb-fu to get me on the road again. Located downtown Toronto.
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    I'm trying to source a carb rebuild kit for a 72 CB750 k2.

    Having the darnedest time finding this. Out of stock everywhere I've looked. Hoping to land something quickly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Located in Toronto, Canada
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    Looking to safety and emissions test on my old bike

    Whoops. Meant to do that. I'm in downtown Toronto. In Leslieville.
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    Looking to safety and emissions test on my old bike

    I haven't ridden in about 5 years and will need safety and emissions... But I can't get insured without both. Are there any mechanics in downtown that'll do a pick up/drop off?
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    Ignition switch connector help

    Still can't get this to seat securely. It works, but comes undone as it's never entirely fastened. Is it supposed to click tight?
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    Ignition switch connector help

    Looks ok. I don't want to force it.
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    Ignition switch connector help

    Is there a trick to fastening this? I have it aligned properly but the two sides won't seem to snap tight.
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    Electrical woes

    Battery was showing a full charge as per the charger... but it was actually not holding the charge. New battery... Problem solved. That said, I might rewire the bike to clean up the mess. Is installing a new wiring harness relatively easy to install?
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    Wiring harness. Can I do it myself?

    I've always been nervous about the idea of digging into electrical, but the mess of wires behind my headlamp needs some tending to. I think a different year wiring harness was used when the wires were last touched, so I have wires in colors that no way match the wiring diagrams, wires that go...
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    Electrical woes

    Everything was working after the changes. But after I charged the battery it started acting up.
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    Electrical woes

    The swapped high and low is curious. But I'm more concerned with the bike behaving as if the battery is dead though the meter indicated a full charge. When I install the battery and turn the key the neutral light comes on at full brightness for a second but then quickly dims so it's barely lit...
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    Electrical woes

    My bike (cb750) had been working fine and I decided to clean up the wiring. Added an LED headlamp and noticed that high/low beam function was swapped. Went to start it up and the bike lit up for a second but then the neutral light in the display dimmed and became very faint as if the battery was...
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    CB750 Electrical - Minor issues - Need someone local (toronto)

    Aside from my CB750 k2 charging/electrical issues in another post. All of the sudden my turn signals won't work. The bulbs test ok and I seem to get continuity at each of the bulb slots. Got in behind the headlight to survey the wiring. A number of years ago I meticulously and methodically...
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    CB750 Battery - dying - help

    I've had to charge my battery numerous times this season. It's a new battery. Holds charge and runs great for about 3 or 4 rides. At which point I usually find myself stuck across town with an engine that won't turn over by electric start and reliant on the kick start to get the bike running...
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