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    1972 cb175 for sale

    1972 cb175 -New tires -Rebuilt Carbs -Low miles -Located in Long Island, NY $1600 Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Starting point?

    Getting a manual is deffinitely your first step and mess around with whatever needs fixing, just go slow and don't take on too much at one time
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    Bearing removal and help identifying rims

    I use a blind hole/pilot bearing puller from harbor freight works great and has paid for itself already
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    wtb swingarm bushing for 75 cb750

    anyone have a set or a good source for them
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    75 cb360 parting out!

    Price on tank pm me
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    R1, and soda blasted 750

    sweet have always wanted to make a fighter just never really got around to it...too many projects you know
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    R1, and soda blasted 750

    love the headlight on the r1 which one is that
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    Why slow nights at work get me in trouble...

    love that car have plans of building one of them one day
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    question about wiring...

    Re: question about witing... i would suggest maybe repairing what you have since youre on a budget i like Bozz's suggestion about pulling apart a scrap harness from something else to have supplies to either make a new one or repair the one you have, i actually just repaired a harness today on a...
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    Bad luck with DCC.

    i think we all suffer from a little impatience but when its all said and done it's all worth it, think about all the time and effort you already put in, a little bit of patience will truely be your reward in the end
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    '77 Kawasaki KZ400-S3 build.

    Re: '77 Kawasaki "Betty" KZ400 Project yea well hopefully i can get it done sometime soon
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    New Member from Long island (cb350)

    where on li are you from theres a ton of car meets weekly in suffolk old cars bike what ever
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    75 cb750 parts for sale

    would liek the motor where are you located
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    Le Mans '75 CB550

    ^^seriously nice work
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