1949 Ducati Cucciolo T2 - Stalled for the time being...


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Pulled the oil filler cap tonight and there was definitely oil inside, so got the sump plug off and drained it:


Cleaned up the oil filler cap and sump plug:


One of the guys over on the GSR pointed out the Cucciolo is actually a pull rod motor rather than a push rod, and I was able to see why for myself tonight after I cleaned around them:


And if you look close you can see they appear to have worn into the cooling fins either side:


I'm guessing there's some wear on the rod arms where they attach to the head, so might be some more sleeving required there.

I'm not sure how much further I'll be able to go at the moment until I source a tool to get the flywheel cover off.

It's a two prong tool like you use on an angle grinder but it has different spacing to the one I have here, so I'll have to work that one out yet.

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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

nice, just caught up with your new project, looking forward to seeing how it comes along.


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Too cool Pete. Cant wait to see where this goes. Those old lumps are getting so difficult to find now a days. Glad one landed in your garage!


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

This place in Holland should have the parts you'd need....I mean the guy has a wall full of them things ready to go....



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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Woah! How amazing is that shop! Thanks for the link DesmoBro. On my "places to go to" list.... :)


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Wow guys, didn't realise there'd be so much interest! Thanks :D

Tim: Interesting thought there... workshop manual lists top speed as 50kph... hahaha

DesmoBro: Mate that's awesome! And the price of a T2 engine complete... 1600 euros... that's probably $2200 - 2500 here... :eek:

Didn't get into the garage tonight, but I did find that Supercheap sell an adjustable angle grinder tool that should fit the points inspection cover, so that means I should be able to get to the coil, points, and flywheel nut to remove it.

The way this is going I'll have it dismantled in no time and can start sussing out the internals.

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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Friggin loved this cool little engine since your Dad turned you onto it! I didn't realize it was exposed valvetrain. That will be almost hypnotic when running. :)
I have been saying #4 since you picked it up, but now that I see it in size perspective actually mounted to a push-bike, I am thinking a resto is the way to go.


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Thanks for the interest and feedback guys! This is definitely a fun little one :D

HD, I knew you wanted the board tracker... but yeah I just don't think this is right for it. I think a board tracker really needs to be a larger cc single or twin to be realistic...

Anyways, I did get more done tonight...


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Back into it tonight.

Discovered Supercheap sell an adjustable angle grinder tool so I picked that up this avo on the way home:


Removed the spark plug:


Then I got the arms off the top of the pull rods:




Then I put the angle grinder tool to use and got the flywheel nut exposed:


And put the flywheel puller to good use:


Under the fly wheel is the coil, condenser, the lighting coil (not sure what that's for yet), and the contact breaker:


And all cleaned up:


I need to revisit the manual, but I think next is either the head or the left case cover.

At this stage I'm thinking once it's dismantled I'll get the head, case covers, flywheel, and potentially the rod arms sent down to the guy who did the wet blasting on the 450 head and cylinders. They came up awesome after that and it's non-abrasive so is safe. I'll give it some thought anyway as it's not the cheapest process in the world...

I'm guessing the "Cucciolo" in red there is enamel, so I should be able to put that back on with some model paint and a fine brush.


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

This is to cool ! 8) great work Pete......


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Cheers Andy! I gotta agree on the cool factor... it is very cool...


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

Back into it tonight, and I got as far as splitting the cases.

Sorry for the horrid photos, but I had to deal with some dodgy screws and I'll be replacing them all before putting it back together:



Stuck all the screws in some cardboard so I know where they belong, although as it turns out all but two are identical:


And I have no idea why but these two have a raised head and two perpendicular holes going through them:


And the case cover taken off the left side:



And no caged roller bearings here!



Got those rollers cleaned up and in some engine oil to preserve them until they need to go back in:


Next I need to delve into the workshop manual and work out how to proceed from here without damaging anything.


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Re: 1949? Ducati Cucciolo T2

The two raised head bolts with holes through them may be for some type of lockwire set-up? Maybe as a back up for vibration possibly lossening those particular bolts on earlier models? Just a thought. Can't wait to see this thing breath life once again.

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