1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

I love a good "before and after" photo shoot!

Man, that's a beauty.
225 miles and all is good, almost. My bike starts, runs, and rides beautifully. Had a group ride this weekend with old friends, we bombed the back roads, and my bike ran perfectly. The only issue so far is that the odometer stopped working but the trip odometer is still recording mileage. The UK made speedo cable is tight and properly lubricated so it must be the internal parts of the speedo. I emailed the person who restored my gauges about the problem and I'll wait for his response.

Initially, I had intermittent noise around the top end and I finally discovered the source. One of the exhaust pipes was rubbing on the exhaust stub after it warmed up. It only happened at certain rpms so it was not the tappets, rocker spindles, etc. Of course I broke another cooling fin by tightening it too much. I used lock wire from the head to a new cooling fin and the noise is gone but I would like to find a better solution than lock wire.

I plan to change the primary oil tonight and tighten up the clutch springs because it slips a little when I really hit the throttle. The weather is perfect and I want to ride her as much as possible.

Beautiful project, I've started now to restore 1968 tr6, do you know any sorece for the no' + size of the nuts + bolts needed for the conclusion of this project?
amitharp said:
...do you know any sorece for the no' + size of the nuts + bolts needed for the conclusion of this project?

The parts books are available online in several places. I don't know of anyone that has itemized a list of fastener hardware for ANY particular BritBike...
I don't think it's going to be a project to be proud of I'm voluntarily restoring it for a friend who is not going to put the necessary founding. The project started some years ago and was neglected when the restorer had a cardiac arrest, so now it's a case of lets jest finish it.
I think it would be a great addition to the contest. Let the owner know about it and see if he'd like you to enter it for him. I would appreciate it.

The more, the merrier.
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