1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

There is an all out chopper battle royal going on right now, can't handle this.
@VonYinzer was talking about getting some "do the ton chop or die" patches made up. Wonder what happened with that?
Need someone to find the high res image file. Or make another one. I'll front the cash for an order of patches.
I'm in. If we need to make another one, I'll be happy to. Not like I'm short on time right now. LOL. Don't want to step on any copyrights and whatnot, tho.
Definitely need a Bob and Chop patch. Stickers? I like stickers too.

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In true, run what’ya got, social distancing, quarantine form, I’m experimenting with a carb setup for the XS650 chopper. Mikuni VM34 carbs from a snowmobile. Machined and converted CB550 exhaust spigots. 1977-78 CB750 carb boots.


looks made for it. Nice work. How fun will the jetting be? You have any research on a starting point?
Yep. Effects of the runner angle or length aside, there are a crap ton of Mikuni VM34 and VM36 tuning guides for an XS out there.

Starting here:
Needle jet: 159 series, P5 or P6
Needle: 6F9
Pilot Jet: VM22/210 series, sizes 20-25 (25 installed)
Main Jet: 4/042 series, sizes 180-200 (190 installed)
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