1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

After two years, I pulled the bike off the table, hit the starter button, and it started right up. No adjustments. Runs and charges. Time to finish the body work.

Bravo! I just tried to start my R90S resto yesterday and didn’t have quite the luck you did. It’ll start but won’t run gotta go back through the Dellortos, something ain’t right.

Nice job. Can’t wait to see it all wrapped up
Just laid the clear coat, but I haven’t done a wet sand over the tank. I just had to see it together.
Quick glamour shot between rides. I think I have a loose wire somewhere because the dash wants to flash and it wants to cut out on a longer ride. No faults show on the M Unit. If I idle in the driveway, no issues. A quick romp around the neighborhood, no issues. A ride across town, um no.
uggg. That kind of wiring issue is the worst. You're probably going to have to check every wire that is linked to the ignition system and even then if it's a short that happens only sometimes it can be hard to replicate it while testing them with the meter etc. Good luck. She looks great at least. I really like that colour, watch out for deer though, they seem to charge into bikes that colour LOL.
Top coat is down and the badges are stuck. Not sure anyone expected this. LOL. The plan now is to clear coat and be done.
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