1982 CB750F brought back from the death

Just measured, center to center 32mm, same as my CB600F. sice there's 30 years between those 2 i'm guessing this is a standard for all 22mm handlebars (on a Honda at least)?
Next time I’m in the garage I’ll see if I have a set - they’re yours if I do

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Sooo this happened...


Billet handlebar clamps and steering stem nut, I also adapted the gauges to mount lower to give everything a more sleek look.
Now I have to get new headlight supports to mount the headlight lower, wait for the new fuse holders to come in. I'm planning to fit blade type fuses inside the headlight bucket to clean it up. Only problem is the dual horn...
Due to the lowering of the headlight these have to go. Anyone a suggestion on how/where to mount them or switching to a smaller style horn tucked away somewhere?
I love those Renthal bars !
Thanks, they definately are a quality part. Pretty thick tube wall and weigh almost nothing compared to the original bars.
Glad you found a (good looking) solution to the handlebar clamp snafu. Looking sharp
They are actually meant for a Yamaha Fazer but do fit on a Honda as well (just). The bolt spacing on Yamaha is just a mm wider than on Honda (33mm compared to 32mm).
Thanks, they definately are a quality part. Pretty thick tube wall and weigh almost nothing compared to the original bars.
indeed they are thick!
when i fitted a flat Renthall bar to my 390 i wanted to drill for hidden wiring, was a bitch to get the honda wiring through !
Finished up the front end of the bike today, made an aluminum bracket for the choke cable and fitted some mini blade fuses inside the headlight bucket to make up for the fusebox I removed. very well pleased with the end result. Will snap some pics of the whole bike once the weather changes for the better and i'm able to take it outside!


Ready for riding season just in time!
I love this bike... so I just put you up for BOTM. Go accept your nomination and throw up some nice pics for all to see!

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Took the girl out for a ride today and decided to snap some pics of her as she's standing now. Still a bit of carb (fine)tuning to do but she's getting there...

Love this bike, great job mate. Got a vid of it running?
I was having troubles with excessive popping on deceleration. Ordered new cutoff valves because the ones in the carbs had creases which could possibly leak. After changing them out the problem continued to exist. Determined the problem was in the idle circuit which was running lean I tried adjusting the idle mixture but I noticed I couldn't get the engine to 'stutter' when closing the pilot needles on carb 1 and 4. On carb 2 and 3 this wasn't any problem at all. Exhaust 1 and 4 were also coloured a bit blue so took the carbs off, stripped them completely and got them ultrasonic cleaned along with the jets.


Got them back crisp clean, put them back together and put them back on the bike. Bike runs as never before, not a single pop on deceleration. I'm regretting I didn't just do this at the start instead of chasing problems. Could have saved me taking the carbs of a few times more. On the plus side taking off the carbs and putting them back on now only takes about half an hour anymore! Just need to balance them out and adjust the idle circuit a bit richer from what I can tell but really stoked with the progress. Will make a vid of the bike running when i'm done with all this.

Only thing that still bothers me a bit is the tacho which seems to jump quite a bit when riding, same problem i've had with other older bikes. I guess this is due to the 'old magnets' in the tacho. No idea if there's a solution for this or any aftermarket tacho that can be built into the original housing as an upgrade?
Very nice! Quick question, with no intentions of thread jacking...
I also installed the V&H shift star on my '80 CB750F, but after the install it is really hard to shift from 1st to 2nd, and neutral drops between 2nd and 3rd. It wont shift fully into or past 3rd. Neutral is near impossible to find, but when I manage to, the neutral light does work. Also doesnt help that my clutch wont disengage now either. Plates arent stuck. Im at a loss. Ive re installed the clutch basket 6 times now, to no avail.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Im also on cb1100f.net
On my '79, I just disabled all four decel valves and enriched the idle. After thorough ultrasonic cleaning of course. Even after many replacements, I'd rather swap carbs on a GL1000. Ratchet strap, silicone grease, and heat gun help with the boots. And always attach the cables before getting them all the way in!
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