1982 Honda FT500 Cruel Sport Hellride


The XL600R (top) is a more appropriate look.
All shaved down. They’ll get sanded then vapor honed again. All this to remove unnecessary meat, but also to fit speedo/dash bits.

During my internet searches of digital gauges, I came across this inexpensive Chinese gauge that looked very 80s to me. I thought it might make a good candidate for the FT500, so I took a chance. As it turns out, I think it’s perfect...

Pulled the engine and I’m about to try to fix it through the bottom case.


The counterbalance chain is busted. I could do like the flat track guys and pull the counter balance altogether, then have the crank rebalanced, but that’s more than I want to do right now. I’ll save that for the day it gets a total rebuild

Gets a little scarier with each step. Here’s an attempted epoxy fix on the clutch...

The adventure continues...


First thing I did was pull the sump and found this washer. Thought, maybe that's my issue. Pull engine case covers.


This is the left side. No bolt holding the tensioner adjustment plate, no spring, and notice the big dent in the back of the cam chain tensioner where that tab slammed the tensioner.


Here we are looking at the right side of the balancer. You see the teeth where the balancer chain went? The big gear in the foreground is the flywheel.


Here's the page in the FSM of the balancer. Notice it's just behind the flywheel running off the crank. This is outside the crankcase where the transmission is housed.


This is the sump. This is where I found the washer and the balancer chain. The chain is not not supposed to be inside the crank case. The chain was inside the crankcase.
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