1982 Honda FT500 Cruel Sport Hellride

Are you sure thats correct? Sport bikes are usually areound 3.75-4" going sub 3.5" could make the bike unstable
You're right. I was way off. I tried to eyeball the measurement. With two pieces of tape on the floor, I am at 4.5" and 26° of rake.

I made some extenders to lift the rear end. Not necessarily a permanent solution, but something to give me an idea of setup.
I like to use the stock shocks from the 84 cb700sc nighthawk. They ar 14.5 in long with a stiffer spring to control the shaft and weight of the nighthawk. They also have adjustable damping. For the street I end up with the preload on the lighter side and the damping in the middle. For the track I add some preload and turn the damping all the way up. They are pretty cheap on e-bay.
The right foot control area was crazy ate up with rust, so I took the opportunity to change it up using an RM brake lever and an aftermarket m/c.
Time to revive a dead thread.

As some of you know, this bike was stolen last year along with a street-titled XR250. One way to feel better about it is to build another to replace it. So begins the next build with a titled 1982 FT500 frame and a 1979 XR500 engine.

I'm sorry your other bike got stolen- reading this thread, you put a LOT of blood sweat and tears just into the engine cases alone! Good fortune to you on this (re)build!
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