1987 XR200R. red dirt redemption

After a week of chasing oil leaks and 1,200 miles of windshield time, the old xr200 finally got its time to shine this past weekend with a group of DTT miscreants, most of which were on xr200's. (we did let @CCRider come along on his KDX200 smoker). We rode the OHV area at Brown Mountain North Carolina, and it sure did whip my butt, but I had a blast anyway. The xr200 proved to be a more capable machine than I am a rider, and they got some love from a few old school guys who were aboard their shiney KTM's, Huskys and Husaburgs along the way.

Heres a good picture of the #XRmy xr200's from left to right:
@Flugtechnik and his sons xr 80, @irk miller , @Hurco550 and @Mr.E 's world renound meatwad.

On the way home, the old girl got a thick layer of frost in the Virgina mountains.

I love/ hate how the camera flattens out the landscapes. While i eventually got the bike hauled out of this mud hill, i was glad to see it take down a shiney new KTM right after this ;)

All loaded up and headed back north.

I wish I had gotten some better clips of this thing on the trails, but I was a bit busy enjoying myself and trying not to die.
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Mr.E: "This is the only way up this hill."

Mr.E: *Opens phone and records me*


Mr.E: *Takes a different way up the hill*

Awesome. I've got footage of that scene off in the distance from my helmet cam as I'm stuck lower down the hill.
I'll need to see that at some point lol

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