2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.


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those are the best folks to know
Totally...by local word of mouth. Same for the powdercoat/blaster guy. I'm fortunate to befriended two neighbours both lifetime bike builder/engineers who are happy to help out and pass on their knowledge.
So many aspects of a project rely on outside help in one way or another....at least it does for me.
Just been put back another week by the sprayer.. I'd love to have the equip/space to give it a go. :(


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Oil pump installed and primed. Using the factory feed pipes and will use my trusty syringe as a temp oil tank for the run around the block and then sort the proper oil tank when I rebuild it.

I've made sure the throttle slide and oil pump arm are sync'd as per the book. Fiddly, but it's all in place and working (as bench tested) :)


I've made new front upper engine mounts out of 3mm steel, they need a return kink to allow access to the inner exhaust flange bolt....rather than me having to remove the mounts to access the bolt every time.


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Bit of metal bashing tonight, Andy's got heat, so we could make the kink on his bench......tricky, even with my thin alloy buck, trying to get the bends in the correct direction :)


Linished and etched, ready for a splash of black.


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Looking really ace now. Love the upholstery !

Spraying ? Don't need a great deal of space or equipment for bike stuff and it's VERY satisfying to do it yourself - not to mention saving the frustration time while waiting for others.


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Looking really ace now. Love the upholstery !

Spraying ? Don't need a great deal of space or equipment for bike stuff and it's VERY satisfying to do it yourself - not to mention saving the frustration time while waiting for others.

Thanx....it's coming along :)

I have sprayed before, couple of cars etc. It's the mixing, straining, cleaning and I have a shed booth but not really big enough to get around the parts. He's let me down again today...getting tired of it tbh...but he's a mate...but :/


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Engine mounts, not an exciting area to report on...but, these upper front mounts needed to have a kinky offset to allow access to the exhaust inner flange bolt, without having to remove the mounts everytime.....plus it looked terrible.

So, the 3mm steel was heated n bashed into shape....took a bit longer than we thought as the bends (3 per bracket) had to be thought about..heheh!

In primer, showing the kinky bit.


Installed and I can access both inner flange bolts easily, fiddly but easily. :)

Regina 520 gold chain arrived today.

I'm assured the bodywork will be painted over the weekend and I'm hopeful of the caliper returning too.

That'll mean I'm close to it's maiden run around the block.


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Refurbished front caliper incoming :)


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Gold Regina 520 chain laced, just needs a few links taking out as the supplier sent me longer than I specified.



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I have the chain splitter so can now chop it to suit.
I'm running a 38xtooth sprocket, with a 12 front, so will adjust the chain with the wheel as far forward as reasonable, then, should I want/need to fit the 36xtooth I'll hopefully have adjustment without the need to chop the chain.
There'll be some fettling with final drive options as tehre is a 13x tooth primary sprocket available, so a few choices.

The refurbished front caliper arrived today, looking very smart, with new seals etc.




Some relatively minor wiring to include a couple of relays.

The bodywork and tank are still with the painter.

Getting close.


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A scene to behold....


When this lot is returned sometime next week, I'll be close to riding the thing down the road.

Front brake caliper fitted and bled. (you've all seen a caliper).


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Nearly completed initial assembly to take it for a trial run around the block.

A drop of fuel and it just might ride ;)



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Beautiful. As our electronics technician used to say before firing up a new instrument; "prepare to make smoke!"

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