$50 mod thread

I dont think you can take them completely apart, but you can remove the spring. I just compressed it using the clamps, the two retainers fall right out.


Almost Boom almot LOL got a little scare there once.

Really wanna see pics of the soda blasting. thinking of making one out of a small disposable balloon air tank.
i took part about 5 sets last night for powder... i have 2 more to do tonight... ill take pics when i pull them apart and how they go back together after powder
I have these shocks...


I've been told by a few people that they are 'not serviceable' but it seems like Carpy got them apart. I'll give the vice a try.
looks like a good candidate for a less than $50 mod! probably wouldn't cost more than $10 to make.
Man you must have just the right clamps because that lip of the retainer on the top of the shocks is so small that most clamps will just slide right off. There's not enough meat on there to hook them to.
i got mine i think for 60 bucks but it has paid for itself over and over as i do powder alot of shocks! if you are local just come by man ill tear them apart for you in no time!
The spring doent need to compress much for the retainer to come off or on. That is a nice tool though just wouldnt be too usefull for me to keep laying around though, and it does look easy to make. The clamps are all plastic an have a nice thin front lip which hold okay.
Looks like it just clamps (bolt through the eye of shock) and on the other end it clamps to the spring itself (offset to hold each side of the spring as the spring spirals). I agree, looks very easy to make. Joe that thing will come in handy!
For those of you takin shocks apart go to an autozone and rent a shock compressing tool. I think its 15 bucks and you get that back opon return. Also if anyones using rattlecan paint for anything, soak the cans in hot water for 20 min or so before you paint. The heat will help to atomize the paint much more efficiently. Ive seen spraybomb jobs come out as nice as a real paintjob when the cans were soaked beforehand....
NOTE: I shouldnt have to say this but just in case.... When i say hot water i mean hot, as in out of the tap... Dont go boiling paint cans tryin to get that perfect finish.........
The ones in the picture are not off my bike. That's a Carpy pic...but I have the same ones. The shocks are off a 900f. I scored em last year for $30 off craigslist. I really like em. Stiff and a bit longer than what came stock on the 550. They really changed the feel of the bike. But...they're getting pretty dirty/ugly and the paint looks like shit.

I've been sticking my rattle cans on the heating ducts for a bit before using them. The paint does come out a helluva lot smoother when the can is warmer.

JRK, I would love to come by your shop...but alas, I'm in Toronto and you're...well...somewhere warm. So I'm assuming somewhere south.
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