$50 mod thread

instead of martini shakers the end of a plumber propane torch will also make a nice pipe end. Used that after squishing the end of my can in a get off years ago.
"get off" "threw it away" call it what you will

I found a recipe for revitalizing old rubber parts. Said to work great. But I can't find one of the ingredients so I can't really comment.

Basically a mixture of 3 parts xylene to 1 part wintergreen oil. Wintergreen oil is at any drugstore. xylene is a thinner for hard to thin paints but I can't find a source. maybe the painters here can chime in. it would be great to be able to soften old carb boots etc....
I've just found a spare rubber tank mount in my parts stash, which is good cuz my old one's hangin on by a thread, but this "new" one is all hard and stiff... I've got xylene in the garage and I'm going to try to find some wintergreen oil and try it out. Excellent tip!
This is for all you CB450/500 owners that have torsion bars instead of valve springs when you need to rebuild your top end. The manual calls for some Honda tool, but all you really need is a spare socket and a cutting wheel.
just hit 56 total mods! keep them coming keep them coming!
I know some of you old school guys have some good tricks... Leon, Dr j... i know you guys got some tricks up your sleeves!

You have xylene? Where did you get it? - What were you using it for?

Wintergreen oil can be purchased at most drug stores. Let me know how it works - I'd love to able to renew old carb boots....
Coil Power Mod as per "Wired George" http://www.wgcarbs.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=26

Made a huge difference on my 79 KZ400. Prior to the mod I was getting 12 volts at the battery with the ignition on, but only 11.3 volts at the coil.

After the mod I get a full 12 volts at the coil, and the bike starts, idles/revs, wayyyy better than before.

I spent 40 bucks including way too much wire, way too many connectors, and buying my soldering iron!!

Could be done really really cheap.
Would adding this relay mod help an ignition system that has been converted to an electrical system rather than points?
souperman said:
Would adding this relay mod help an ignition system that has been converted to an electrical system rather than points?

Yes it will. The mod is done to eliminate the voltage drop as the stock wiring travels from the battery through the harness and kill switch back to the coils. With the years of resistance that build in the wires the mod just lets your batteries full voltage get to the coils. Regardless of ignition system (points or electronic) check the power at the coils with the kill switch on and the bike not running. I was only getting just over 10 volts at the coil before I did the mod, now with a full 12v she's running a lot better!
This little tidbit is getting filed away for my next build that will be getting a new custom wiring harness. It may even get my current ride running right. I'll have to check the voltage at the coils. Thanks!
Represto said:
The $50 mod thread should be put in as an appendix to the DTT book.

Thats a good idea. We will see how much room there is relative to the cost of the book. Still collecting images and info for now. But a good idea to keep in mind. -MBS
xylene @ homedepot. Any special brand name or just look for xylene on a jug? I'm curious. Here everywhere Ive been people look at me like I had two heads....
You should be able to get it there. If they keep giving you the BS just go to a "old school" hardware or paint store that caters to professional house painters .

J'ville, Fl
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