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so I picked up a Tank and some forks
Tank is a CB350 tank and it has a dent in it that i want to try and get out, looking to de-rust the tank and seal it after the dent, but going to strip all the paint off first and see what i have. Also the forks i picked up are like a 1975 CB360, i've been searching how to disassemble or at least change out the fork seals and then add some heavier fork oil to stiffen them up, some sanding and polishing next, Question are the forks that i have for a Disk brake or drum? because i have a drum wheel but if it takes a disk then i need to buy that next




Bang Cut Grind ..Dam Did I Need That Part ?
I would guess there drum forks due to the fact they dont have any hangers to mount the calipers !


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ill take some more, but i was looking at the forks compared to the stock ones, and they have more mounting points... ill take a picture
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