'73 CB250 - Doing it right this time round.

Looking into some storage locations so that I can keep the bike here while I am at university. Leaving it on the street (even under a decent cover) is not an option as I don't think it would last they year in our great British weather,

Procrastinating while doing some coursework this afternoon and stumbled on something interesting. Not usually a fan of the 'vintage' style helmets and not certain on their safety ratings but, come on, this one is almost perfect! :p ;D


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Its a shame its not the S model gringo with the full hinged visor, just the standard. Not sure the clip-on visor or shields are the way to go on it.

Anyway, we shall see if i can afford it when summer hits.
Had a little mention on bikebound.

Nice little write up mate well deserved too looks better every time I see your set of wheels BOTM next bud
Thanks mate! Fingers crossed, us Brits have been racking up the BOTM wins recently! Quite a competition against our fellow stateside builders going on! ;)
Ha cant beat a bit of cross pond rivalry oh and a fair clean vote haha!
Well done mate kinda knew you'd win a nice solid build and great thread some great pics too ,enjoy the spoils of winning from Dime city cycles great bunch of guys n girls ,what you got planned any other builds in the pipeline ?
yorkie350 said:
Well done mate kinda knew you'd win a nice solid build and great thread some great pics too ,enjoy the spoils of winning from Dime city cycles great bunch of guys n girls ,what you got planned any other builds in the pipeline ?

Thanks Yorkie mate. Was pretty chuffed to be nominated again and never really thought I would win it.

No plans for more as of yet, once I get some free time from University I'm going to be putting some miles on this one first. We shall see what happens after that :p. Feels a bit odd not having a major project in the works haha
Sorted out a rebuild kit for my master cylinder and some other bits and bobs (jets etc) from Dime City Cycles courtesy of my BOTM giftcard.

So I can get some proper mileage on her hopefully in the next few months.
I ain't saying nothing :-X ;)

But there will be a DTT representative in the show :p


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Had the bike sat for a while since it last ran, and forgot to drain the bowls :mad:

Opened them up the other day for some prep and there was a bit of crud and build up so I had to boil the carbs in lemon juice to clean them up. It obviously stripped the black paint off, so now I'm questioning whether I should spray them up again or just try to polish them as I imagine the paint wouldn't have lasted long anyway.

Hopefully within the next 4 weeks after my exams pass, I can finish the wiring loom and then go for a few runs.


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I'd just leave them as is. Polished alloy does not stay shiny in the UK climate without a lot of upkeep. It's just the same here in the Maritimes with the fog and rain etc, I polished up the alloy on my GL 1 time the first ride I got caught in some drizzle it looked like shit, so I left it.
Yeah i'm thinking the same. I may try a little rubdown with some Autosol but if nothing comes of it I won't be too disheartened. I may go down the paint route in future if I can get something with enough resistance to fuel, though I doubt it.
use an engine paint and cure it in the oven, I use a toaster oven outside, that will make them pretty fuel stable for years. I haven't done carbs but have done engine cases etc that have had fuel spill from stuck floats and they survived fine with just a wipe down with paper towel. I am going to be doing the GL valve covers and belt covers this spring with VHT engine paint.
I used PJ1 on the cases (and the carbs before I stripped them), and used a heat gun to attempt to cure it.

I've heard good things about its fuel resistance, but not sure how well it would hold up on the carbs. I'll see how well the paint on the motor lasts and go from there.
Heat gun won;t really cure the paint. Running the motor to operating temp for 30 min or so will. The carbs however never get hot. You need the 30-45 steady heat to get the paint cured on the carbs and an oven is best. Depending on the paint, in the house can be ok. I have used one brand, might have been VHT that claims no toxic off gases and low odor and it was true, I could have used the kitchen oven with no worries.
I didn't think it would be enough. Been waiting for the loom to be done so I can run the motor to cure the paint properly.

Hopefully in the summer once its on the road I will touch it up a bit and may repaint the carbs and bake them properly.

The stuff I used is carcinogenic apparently, so I may look at an external oven or something to cure them.
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