'73 CB250 - Doing it right this time round.

CrabsAndCylinders said:
It looks perfect on your bike.

Thanks mate. Wasn't really that hard a job in the end so glad I went down that route.
Alex jb said:
Great work!
Such a long way from the original, you should be real happy with it and yourself.

Minor question, what bulb is in your tail light?
I have perhaps the same one but your stop light is very much brighter than your tail light and mine is crap

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Thanks man. Mines the stock bulb that came with the unit when I bought it, so not sure on specs etc.
vgdelbarco said:
Does anyone have any kind of manual to know which the usage of every screw is?

There should be a shop manual floating around the web somewhere. Check out the manual section on this forum, as it may be in there :).

Got a little mention in this weeks edition of MCN, in their Shed-built superstars section. Hopefully once the bulk of my thesis is out the way I can get her MOT'd in time for the 'summer'...


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Well Gents, to say I have been preoccupied with finishing my degree is an understatement, and I've had a bit of a whirlwind few months with finishing my studies and getting back into industry. Looking to iron everything bike related out in the new year, and start putting some proper miles on 'Alil'. Maybe even picking up another project in the next few months if everything goes to plan, so you haven't got rid of me yet DTT! ;) ;D

A late Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all.
Well, safe to say it’s been a while

Many years, home moves, and a career change later - but the Honda remains in my life!

It’s had an engine respray, a new wiring loom and a Hindle 2-1 fitted with a GP style can.

Haven’t done too many miles on it, think about 130 in total, but we don’t get many nice and sunny days to take the classics out in the UK!

You can see a bit of it in my below vid, riding out with my mate on his 1930 Favor 350…before he destroyed it!

I’ll have a few more carb queries in the New Year when I get back using it again, so will be around a bit more in future!

I would expect that old Favor to be smoking like crazy after seizing so many times.
Was there any oil in it?
Plenty in the sump PJ, but on disassembly we found the pressure relief valve from the crankcase wasn’t working - so the pump couldn’t overcome the crankcase pressure and wasn’t pumping any in…atleast that’s my understanding!

I would expect that old Favor to be smoking like crazy after seizing so many times.
Was there any oil in it?
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