78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
My 1978 KZ650C2. Rickman Fairing, Honda Chin Scopp, Cubman Bars,
First over bore, ported, 3 angle valve job, Oil Cooler, electronic Ign., Cir Cycle clutch, K&N filter, Koni shocks, Magnum progressive fork springs, drilled discs, braided lines, Kerker exhaust



Video of her warming up just before a January ride 2007:

Some older pics:



My pleasure man...
I didn't want to derive the new members of such a beautiful and moving images...snif..snif.. always brings a tear to my eyes... ;D

Well I had my first ride after 5 + months of hibernation.

Some of the Winter mods done:

Electronic Ignition added from a later model kawi
Exhaust high heat powder coated
GPz front fender added
Clear points cover found
Rear sets painted Gold
ZX tail light and rear signals swapped on
Teeth paint on lower cowl
Koni shock rebuilt
Oil cooler removed, due to stripped oil drain plug in pan

Still to come:
Braced swingarm
Z1R 18" front wheel swapped on from current 19"





Dood! Is that a plexi points cover? If so, that is bad ass! I wish i could do something like that with the zook. Secondly, how difficult was it to change to an electronic from a different bike? Ive been putting off buying a Dyna, and had planned to, but i have this feeling that it could be done, and i have a spare motor from which to take it...any advice would be great! Thanks

The swap to electronic is easy on a kz650 because the last couple years of production had stock electronic systems. I just finished swapping my 77 over as well. All we had to do was come across a complete set up (pick up plate, igniter and optionally coils) the pick up plate bolts right up with no need to set timing, the wiring from there plugs into the igniter and the other plug on the igniter has to get hacked off to run wiring to the coils, power and ground. It took me about half an hour on the high side to do mine.
Not sure if you have the option of finding a later model Zuk with a compatible system or not, but if you do it's an easy swap.
As Anarki said, it's an easy swap on the kzs.

The points cover is plastic or similar. I bought off ebay.uk.
I love that KZ !! I think I may need to source some mag rims! Really starting to like the look of the mags . If your ever in Stroud or
Barrie drop by. ;D
I've contemplated mags vs. spokes a time or two myself. I always come back to loving the look of spokes though. Even though they are a huge pain in my ass to keep clean. There's just something about the classic look of spokes. Not cracking on mags at all, just my $.02
A late day pic with some better lighting. Also added some driving lights to be seen better by cages:


Man, I really wish I had that kind of country to ride through!!!! At best I get a couple miles of curves to break the monotony of long stretches of flat highway surrounded by corn!!
Great pics!
Love that fairing,looks like that bike just stepped out of the 70s! I miss some of the creations people came up with back then. Wild time in history and it showed in the the way people expressed themselves,some in good ways some in bad. Your bike is one of the good things to come out of the 70s! My heart has a sweet spot for the KZ650s and always will. ;D
Well I got the braced swingarm I've been waiting for.

I'ts a stock Kawi kz650c3 swingarm with Chrome-molly bracing added with spools as well for a rear stand.
I had to remove the center stand mounts to fit the arm.
I have install it and taken a short test ride, and all seems well.
Some pictures with it mounted when there's some decent daylight.



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