78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

Thanks HD.
Had to raise the tail a little to fill some space under the back of the seat.
Light still needs to move up too:

In the basement.
It cuts down on the ground clearance, and I have to be careful sometimes.
Been thinking of putting it back on though.
Put the belly pan on for Thursday night Bike Night downtown Toronto.
Only took one pic at the meet, of a pair of modified Honda Ruckuses.


Well another season is upon us here in the Great White North.
Bought another kz650, a '77, but this one will stay mostly stock.
The other '78 C2 project has been on hold for some time as an engine and exhaust were needed.
Came with the '77 Silver bodywork, but the tank is really rusty.
Bought some '77 C1 Blue bodywork in OK shape. Main thing is the tank is good to go;

Yes, the blue is stock paint.
Has some scratches on all the pieces, but the tank is mostly rust free.
Have the tail too.

Great looking bike. Thanks for introducing me to the crew at Sam, Haguns and Downtown T.o.

Its good to meet and know people with passion and joy for the ride!

Looking forward to Friday the 13th! Crossing my fingers for good weather.

See ya on the road.

Friday the 13th was a great day.
The Paris Swap meet was the same weekend, so hit two bike spots in one trip!

Been a while.
Another season has past, new one approaching.
Some pictures and videos.
Installed a new Delkevic exhaust near the end of the season.
The 30 year old Kerker finally got too rusty.

Going through gears 1 to 4:

Mid November ride:
78kz said:
Installed a new Delkevic exhaust near the end of the season.

That stainless steel looks clean! As far as the sound, seems a little tame. Don't you think? Maybe it's because I have a 700cc kit and cams but I expected it to sound more throaty. How would you compare it to the sound of your Kerker?
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