78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

Where'd you get the swingarm? I want to have a stock XS650 swingarm braced like that (not so fancy with the cro-mo but like that anyhow) but the pricing to have tubes bent/welded etc. is outrageous.
Nice one Rob, looks really good.

Hey, Tim have you seen this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/XS650-XS-650-swingarm-under-brace-weld-on-kit_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247QQcategoryZ35592QQihZ017QQitemZ270187065201QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
Yeah, I've seen those kits, and maybe if I welded, it would make sense to order. I just have a hard time spending even $100 + shipping on a few feet of tube with one bend in it.

Maybe I'm undervaluing the raw material in the kit and should just order one. I just need to find someone friendly and local who can bend pipe for me :) I could have it welded up for probably $40. If I could get the pipes for $50 I'd jump.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure how much stiffer the swingarm would be anyhow - I like the way it looks though :)
Where'd you get the swingarm?

A mechanic at the Kawi dealer in Stouffville (ATC Coral) made it for me.
He saw my bike last year and we got talking about swingarms.
He offered to add a brace to an arm I had.
His initial quote was $100 plus an engine I had.
Seems he undervalued the price of the material, as it ended up costing $240. !
Oh well. It's done.
Well I've got the swingarm mounted and have ridden about 300 kms on her since. She sure feels good. More solid over highway expansion joints and such. I used to feel a little nervous going over some bumps and such , but with this arm my bike handles these imperfections in the road so much better.



Been a few years.
Added the 18" Z1R front wheel, which is a dirrect swap.


Also starting on a 2nd '78 C2 project:

Nice! I have a rear tail light fender assembly in the shop if you need one. What are the plans for this one? Very cool!
At the moment just to get it all together and see if she runs.
Everything was apart including the engine when I got it.
Lots of missing parts too, but I have some spares and can find the rest.
It's supposed to be a father/son project, but since I've moved, I no longer have a garage, and I have to compete with X Box and the internet which take up a lot of my teenagers time. lol
Thanks for the fender offer, but I do have one already, and if it goes my way, it wont have a rear fender.
Nice! I gotta get one of my bikes on the road. Where is the last pic taken?
I don't know exactly, as I was following the others, but it's near the top of Lake Simcoe, on one of the smaller lakes.
Hello, I was wondering where you got the fairing from, or if you remembered what it was called. I have looked around and only been able to find ones similar to that one but much more bulky. Thank you for your time.
Hey Tullugeon.
It's a Rickman 3/4 fairing.
There are two types, CR and C (I think).
I'm on the kz650info forum as rstnick.
Hello guys I ended up finding a few suppliers for the fairings like that. One is in AUS and one is in the UK i think.

here is one but this one does not say anything about the supports for it.

damn I seem to have lost the aussie link. I will find it and post it to this thread incase anyone ends up here drooling over that look like I did =-)

Still hope my bike looks that good eventually!
New season, 2012, and a new seat.
A recover - reshape, using a seat I had, and a cover bought from Germany.

Before and after:



On the bike, first ride of the season:


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