'84 SR250 Garage build.

Nice Job B.... That headlight must work Mint compared to the stock unit.
Are you running stock Jetting right now?....say it ain't so B, say it ain't so....
Ha I might be... I know, I know, I have been slack. Working on the clutch before the carb. No point having the power if it doesn't get to the wheel.
So I went to get the jets today and ended up quite shocked at the prices that were wanted for them. Yamaha wanted $45 for the pilot, as usual the parts guy and I had a good laugh at the price before I left.
Next stop was the wreckers to check what they had in stock. Nothing in the size I needed which was a bit of a pain. They said they could order them in for $12 each but I decided to look elsewhere. So Ebay it is. Unless someone can recommend somewhere else.

While I was at the wreckers I ended up buying something that I know I should not have bought just yet. Another cylinder for a SR250, and I asked about custom sleeves while I was there.


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So I was helping a friend work on his SR250 today. Only about 150 bikes newer than mine. He informed me it had low compression and that he wanted a hand doing a top end re-build. We started at 8.30 and had the motor out by 9.30, looks like it was the first time it had ever been out and half the bolts were stuck on good. After we pulled the head off and had a look everything was quite sooty but past the rings looked fine. I asked him what kind of problems it was having (should have begun with that I know) and he described them. I had been having the same problems so I knew it was crap in the carby straight away. He thought it might have been because he had not done an oil change in 6 years. Anyway it will be all nice a fresh next week.

Sure enough the air filter had become so old it was falling apart in the breeze. So I took the bottom off only to have a tremendous amount of crap fall out. All the air filter sitting at the bottom of the bowl and clogging the jets. After that we had a bit of a laugh about how we should have looked at that first before doing open heart surgery on his bike. Then we discussed what he needed and he is ordering them now while I rebuild the carby. Of course he had a bit of a run on my bike and somewhere during the morning we managed to mess up the valve and let all the air out of my rear tyre. Thankfully I only lived a 3 minute ride away and stuck enough air in to cruise home.

So I am up for a tube in my rear tyre now. Off it comes again... Ohh well better now then on the highway.
Alright just got my mates carby apart and cleaned. Looks like he will need a new diaphragm as his has two holes and another 3 about to open up. Makes me look back and be glad that not all that much stuff was wrong with my bike.
Hey mate, liking what you're doing.

I have an SR250 (an '02 model), and am in Australia too and have been thinking about the 312cc conversion. So was curious what they said about the custom sleeve. I did the same silly things and have a spare cylinder and head, wisco piston and rings and am ready to roll. Well until the wife got involved (they drive you to drink bless em ;) ). I've been tossing up approaching one of the local machinists or contacting Extreme Creations in Sydney (which brings up distance issues). Not sure which way to go.

Anyway keep up the good work

Thanks Helak.

I was not game to do the 312cc as I would rather have 7cc less and 1mm more sidewall lol. You are further along than I am. I will be going slow when the budget allows it. But for now the missus car needs to be replaced so a lot of my cash will be heading that way. Wonder if I can get overtime lol.
Still can't find my bloody verniers to mesure the OD of the cylinder so not much has progressed there. Mainly because of funds. Just got the registration tax for my car. I could buy a new bike for the bloody cost of that.

Anyway I replaced the clutch yesterday and took some pictures along the way so that anyone that wanted to see could check it out. Having never changed a clutch I can tell you the hardest part was removing the friken old gasket. That took up most of my time, followed by that one bolt that always fucks up, bloody phillips head bolts. I ended up going and getting "gasket remover spray" which worked great (also works as skin remover spray). The old plates were glazed and thin as hell and the old springs were a good 3mm shorter than the new ones. With 5 plates and 4 springs I think this may just be the easiest motorcycle clutch I have ever seen.

Here is a few pictures of the clutch change, I have more if people wanted to see.


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Alright I have started a new build thread to link in with the new direction the bike will be taking. I have done a fair bit of research and I am thinking that an 80mm bore will be the way to go. This will put the bike at 284cc and I will not need to bore the case to suit. Along with the performance mods I will be completely changing the look of the bike. I like my bike at the moment but it is just not quite what I was after.

The new thread can be found here. http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=47796.0
Well I thought I wouls post a long over due update. I never ended up going through with the mods because by my math "cash outlay>performance gained" this and the fact that I am now dragging my toes through corners. As a rider I have outgrown the stance of this bike. It is quite low to the ground. And at 6ft1 and 95kg I am a little to large for it as well.

Since I finished this bike I have had a friend telling me not to sell it unless it was to him. Well it looks like the ol' girl will be having a new owner soon enough. Maybe a face lift and some new accessories as well.

This means I will be able to fast track my GS build and be back on the road in no time.
So this happened.

Was waiting on my mate who is slowly buying this thing to decide on the tank colour and come over and finish painting it.
We had stripped it two weeks before and she was starting to get a little crusty. So on with the clear coat until we get around to it. Bloody shed is taking to long to be built.
I sat and stared at mine for a bit and the spare motor beside it. Thought long and hard about a 360 or 400 transplant. Pull apart the spare and see if it's standard bore etc etc.

Bought a warrior 350 stage II cam for $80 usd instead. I just want to be able to do the speed limit in the mountains without the full moto gp tuck lol.

Changing directions is good Brodie. Even if it's just looking the other way.
I bought a new tank, it is red and only has 2 holes in it. One for fuel in and one for fuel out. Much better.

Also bought a new tyre. Much less slippery now.
Yay... I low sided on the way home today. I was pissed off after a bad night at work and took a corner too quick and too low. Foot peg and muffler caught the road and it spun put from under me.

Minimal damage, need a new brake lever, straighten the rear brake lever, replace the muffler joint and she will be right. Bit of road rash on the muffler and the case. Ohh well... I need a taller daily.

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No post-crash updates? That's not good. At least you've been posting in other threads.

I'm curious as hell about the hydro clutch conversion - I've got a great combo of rheumatism and arthritis, and cable is going to be a pain in the arse, long-term. On the RXS100 it's fine, on the GPZ305 it's a right twunt. So - what happened with the convo? How bad was it?
Ohh haha yeah she is fine. I ride her to work most days of the week.

Didn't end up going with the hydro clutch but they are very easy to do providing you can make brackets. The length of the rod is a bit long for the SR.

Here is a pic to prove she is ok.
"It has been 5 years and 4 months since your last post."

Well I didn't realise it had been that long since I worked on this thing.

She's back and in a bit of a sorry state.

This is straight after she was dragged out of the back shed my mate had her stored in. I think the clock has gone up about 300m in the past few years.

My plan is to turn her into a city run about that max speed it about 105kph.
Looking at sprocket ratios and a 16f 53r combo should do the trick.
I am also going to redo the subframe and fit a longer seat.
Taller shocks and larger fork spacers.
Probably offer up a Mikuni VM32 as well and see how that turns out.
1.25" header and a upswept muffler.
Some sort of storage box located inside the "triangle" area.

In the grand scheme this will hopefully be a quite, peppy everyday bike to take me to work in the wee hours of the morning. Something my W800 isn't able to do without waking my family and half the neighbourhood.

Gave her a quick rinse off. Closer inspection to come when I get some time away from work.
Still pretty neat. I don't notice too many sr250s getting around on the gold coast, I'm hoping to get mine together so I can get through this garbage M1 traffic early mornings too. I was looking to do more of a chop style build with mine too, the Malaysians do some cool dumb stuff with 250s but tracker style seems easier to sell.
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