"A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber, now with a sidecar

I'll be happy to help with your project in any way I can, though I'm just a hack with a welder and CAD, so enter at your own risk lol
That's one of the things I like about Levi, he's a very humble guy! Trust me if he's a hack then I'm reincarnated Marilyn Monroe. He knows his stuff and does a mean line of weld!
The weather is getting warmer, and the pile of projects that I was "going to get done over the winter" has crept into spring. Lenny needed to have a more respectable ride though, so it was time to strip down the hack chassis and give it a coat of paint. I left it bare steel for the last season, in case I needed to modify anything, but somehow I managed to get the geometry right the first time (even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again right?)

It's not a show piece, but once again, I'm impressed with the finish you can get outta rustoleum appliance epoxy.
Nice job, looks great! Ha ha, your shop almost looks scary w/o the '49 p/u on there! Would ya look at all that room!

No, wait, that's the garage...
Ha, I know that feeling. I just finished the timing belt swap on the GL1000 yesterday and still have to do the oil I've had all winter to do LOL. Looks great in paint!
Nice job, looks great! Ha ha, your shop almost looks scary w/o the '49 p/u on there! Would ya look at all that room!

No, wait, that's the garage...
haha I had parked the Jetta in there all winter, so it made for a good "clean" spot to work on that this spring
Though I don't have an odometer, I've used apps such as rever to track some miles (about 2000) and I'm guessing I've put about 1500 - 2000 miles on non tracked trips like work commutes and shorter trips. At somewhere round 4k miles on the rear tire, I'm pretty good with it out of a cheap duro knock off of a kenda, especially with the torque this bike makes, the amount I use all of the torque and the amount of time it has a side hack mounted to it. I also scrape pegs on the regular and it's never even given a hint of washing, so I mounted up another one.

Pulling said tire off revealed a need to do something better than gorilla tape to hold the tail light wire in the rib of the fender. I made up an aluminum strip and bolted it in.

Also, the chain has always had a bit more lateral movement than I gave it clearance for which started eating at the rear fender. The bright side, it gave me the perfect mark as to where to notch it...

And it's back together in the nick of time. My car is gonna be in the shop for the next few days, and this is currently my only "reliable" street legal bike, so it'll be how I commute for the next couple of days lol
Of course you know that if something comes up I'd be glad to let ya use the GMC if you need it. It just sits there most of the time. Of course it kinna uses a bit more fuel than that TDI. :eek:
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