"A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber, now with a sidecar

Lookin good.
I'm not understanding this part:

Why the rectangle tube? Why not just use another round crossmember? And why the lap joint instead of having the two tubes meet with a plug?
Lookin good.
I'm not understanding this part:
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Why the rectangle tube? Why not just use another round crossmember? And why the lap joint instead of having the two tubes meet with a plug?

That was the most straightforward way to go from the width I needed to fit under the engine in the cradle to the width I needed for the hardatail section. The bends needed to do that would be to close and would require multiple butt joints. As far as the lap, that is the strongest way to make that joint, instead of just having it terminate at the joint. It looks un- finished there, but the boss for my foot peg will mount up against that tube and get welded out, so it shouldn't look quite so obvious when completed.

I used the 1x2 rectangle tube, because the backbone tube is 1 5/8" and the frame tubing is 1". Even with a piece of round for the crossmember, id still have to transition from the larger diameter to the smaller.
I made up a top engine mount tube out of 1 x 1.5" rectangle tubing with a couple of pieces of pipe welded in.

Don't worry @irk miller the tank covers it up ;) I'm still thinking about putting in some gussets to help tie the down tube, neck tube and spine together. I don't want to close the whole thing in though as id like to mount my coils and maybe a couple other pieces of electrical garb in there.


This has been a good exercise for me getting back on welding out fixed pipe copes. It's been a few years and there is still definitely rust to knock off of those skills. I can still do a straight line pretty decent though (so can a trained monkey... hahaha)

I finished up a couple of motor mounts. The plates in the front mounts are temporary, just enough to keep it in place. I still have a few spacers to make on the lathe for the lower front, but the stuff attached to the frame is complete, less the top rear mount.


Time to pull it off the jig. When i did, I was happy to see that it didn't twist much, and in fact the only movement I could see is the axle plate "springing" out about 1/32"... I'll call that a win.

Its nice seeing this thing off the jig and on the floor. Im happy with the lines all in all. I just have a small amount of weld out to do on a few spots I couldnt reach in the jig, and a bit of smoothing with a grinder. Ya know what they say....

"a grinder and paint makes a welder what he ain't"



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Have you gotten a weight for it yet? Just curious...
Not yet. I should've use the scale at work. It wouldn't mean much still having the hollow motor in it though. It was pretty easy to load in the car though, hollow motor and all.
Got the bike mocked up. Currently using a dr350 18" rear wheel and a cb550 19" front. I was planning on running the same combo only laced to an xs650 rear drum and titan 2ls front drum, but I think discs may be the way to go....

Made a little stand to hold the bike at the target ride height of 4.75". It will also be used to attaches foot peg mockup locations to until I get the final spot.

I'm happy with the stance and wheel combo, though if I were to do it again, I'd shorten the stretch about 1".




Beautiful work Levi. Very cool. Love the Elsinore tank.
Thanks Chris! Figured you'd appreciate the Elsie tank ;) I still want a poster size picture of your avatar for my garage someday!
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