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i have a question about buying a cb350t!!

so i found a ad on craigslist that was asking for a cb350t he was asking 1500 initially but i lowered him down to 480
because when i went there the bike was not running.

so the things i noticed when i went to check the bike out.

1. the bike had some surface rust.
2. the front break was super seized from rust
3. tires and rim needed to be bought because of surface rust
4. chain and sproket were rusty.
5 there was a dent on the tank.
6 the bike would not start after a about 5 kicks, there no gas he said.
7. he said one of the carbs went out.
8. shocks seemed to be in good condition
9. clutch was a little tight
10. the throttle was sort of sticky
11. dents on the exhaust.
12. i checked the oil from the dip stick it seemed to be in good condition not milky at all.
13. he said he screwd up the gas tank by painting the inside because of rust and it started flaking.

after all those conditions would you still purchase this bike? if yes how much do you think it would cost roughly to fix it to factory conditions?

if you guys suggest buying it ill pick it up in the next 3 hours!! HELPPP!


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Re: should i buy this bike?

Yes! With title I assume? All that other stuff is normal fixer uper bs.
Re: should i buy this bike?

Buyi g new parts would not be that expensive. New cables are arou d $15-$20 each. The hoops can be bought on ebay for about $150, new chain and tires are a must. Sky is the limit there depending on what you wanna spend. Sounds like the carbs need a good cleaning after the tank paint (stupid) and overall it just needs some tlc and elbow grease.
Re: should i buy this bike?


i think i'll pick it up tomorrow morning!!

how much do you think roughly it will cost?

and any good websites to buy decent priced parts?
and what to stay away from?
Re: should i buy this bike?

Dime city is the obligatory site for new parts - cheap ones, but some good stuff too. I'm a fan of ebay and networking with ppl tho. Well, not really an ebay fan, but it is useful. You could get this bike going for under $600 I'm sure. It may not have a shiney new paint job, but it'd be mechanically sound. For that matter, a few hours ndred bucks would get it rolling good. Check with the ppl here, LOTS of cb350 parts on this forum.

My order usually goes like this:


Assuming it starts, then work on motion thigs like:

Chain - I ALWAYS replace old chains before road test.
Tires. If they are dry rotted, get em gone.
Re: should i buy this bike?

thanks so much mr.E!

i heard the good things about dime city.

i think i need to find new carbs first, to fix that issue and an new gas tank.

is there any sugessions on how to remove the paint inside the gas tank?
Re: should i buy this bike?

imtyson said:
thanks so much mr.E!

i heard the good things about dime city.

i think i need to find new carbs first, to fix that issue and an new gas tank.

is there any sugessions on how to remove the paint inside the gas tank?

Yes, don't find new carbs yet. Those probably just need a good cleaning. And the tank, buy a couple gallons of evaporust and an auto store and put it in the tank (off the bike) let it soak a day or two. Pour it back into the jugs. The stuff is reusable. If the paint is still in there (before the evaporust) use aircraft stripper inside the tank and blast it out with air or water. If you use water, be prepared to use the evaporust step.

Edit: and one bit about dime city. They are kinda like cafe racer walmart. Sure they sell a bunch of bolt on goodies, but its easy to blow a paycheck there. The ppl here can offer a lot of help and parts. And best of all, the accomplishment of personally ressurecting this bike with your own blood sweat and beers.

Great find tho, I hope it goes well for you, and ill offer any help I can if you ask. Good luck dude.
Re: should i buy this bike?

the main reason i think i will need to buy a replacement carb is because the previous owner stated it started leaking, then he tried to clean them, but it still was acting up. could be just a gasket though.

i think thats a good idea with the air craft stripper. never heard of evaporust though, i will have to look into that.

i dont plan on buying much parts, just things that are needed.

i plan to do everything hands on except for welding and engine rebuilding, never done either of those and looks like i would screw things up lol!

all the little stuff like, carb cleaning and things done to a car i can do.

hopefully, i can have a good project on my hand with little hassle!!

so far im liking this for a lot more ! thanks MR.E
Re: should i buy this bike?

I'd keep your eyes peeled for a replacement gas tank. If the previous owner really was stupid enough to actually paint the inside of the tank, I'd skip trying to clean it out, or at least it would be the last thing I'd be working on. Get an 'IV' fuel bottle for working on the bike / tuning it. Makes it much easier anyhow without the tank on the bike in the way.
Re: should i buy this bike?

no, not yet. its still early on the west coast.

he said around 2:30 because hes going to try and get it running for me.

idk if i should wait or just pick it up lol
Re: should i buy this bike?

Oh west coast haha.. well tell us all when get it, it'll be a good one for sure.
Re: should i buy this bike?

If he used Kreem (it is white) on the tank and did a bad job, that is probably the carb problem, too. Acetone will dissolve Kreem in a couple days. You can buy it at home improvement stores (well, maybe not in Cali - is water regulated there yet?)

I'd give the carbs another going over before giving in and buying others. But, fix the brakes! Gotta whoa before you go.

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Re: should i buy this bike?

Hey everybody! So I picked up the bike! Its freaking heavy! Lol
I don't have any luck getting it started :(

I tried to jump it but it didn't have no power or anything lights didn't even then on...

Is there another way or steps to turn on the bike?
Re: should i buy this bike?

I want to find the relay so I can just hot wire the bike any idea how?


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Re: should i buy this bike?

You need a good battery, a wiring diagram, a test light or multi meter, and time. If you're not getting power anywhere when trying to jump it than you likely have some serious wiring issues.

First up... Make sure the fuse is ok, or even better just cut the shit factory fuse housing out of the harness and replace it with a blade style inline set-up. They can be had for under $5 at any Auto Parts store and installing it is a super simple job with massive benefits.

Once you know the fuse is good and have a FULLY CHARGED AND FUNCTIONING BATTERY installed you can start tracing wires to find the issues. You'll notice that I emphasized the battery here. You must must must have a good and fully charged battery. Some people will tell you stories about their Honda firing right up on a dead battery. Those people are lying and should be executed with extreme prejudice. ;)

So... To wrap this up you'll need:

-Wiring diagram
-Test light or Multi Meter (spend the cash on a good Multi Meter, it's worth it)
-Blade style inline fuse holder and fuse (I think you'll need a 15a but your diagram will tell you for sure)
-Time. Lots of time and patience.

Your manual will have the correct diagram and basic electrical system troubleshooting info.

Good luck, and keep us posted. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's easier than fixing dumb mistakes. Ask me how I know. :)
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