bought! now a project!

I will definitely take all your guys consideration into the forks. I will be taking them out of the triple trees and check them for straightness. I don't want to be riding it in the future to find out that it's not straight. Thanks for everyone's feedback on the forks. I will work on them and get back to everybody!

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hey everyone its been awhile.

update on the bike is, i got the bike running, got the tires on, chain on, and sorted out the fork issue.

things to do be done on bike is...

adjusting clutch cable, install rear sets and the bike should be ready to roll! I'm excited!!

So quick question about the clutch cable. did I purchase the wrong cable for my cb350? I cant seem to get this thing to stay snug. or is it suppose to be like this? I've tried to search on forums with no luck.


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